Venus is one of the most powerful planets in astrology. Even the amateurs know that the planet rules love, and that’s the reason many of us read our weekly horoscopes. But there’s one celestial event that happens every 18 months that ruins everything in our steady-going love lives: The Venus Retrograde! Luckily, we don’t see the term retrograde with Venus as much as we see it with Mercury. So it’s not a very popular topic in our daily horoscope talks. But when you think about it, you’ll realize that your head and heart were in a fight 18 months ago. This year, the planet of love is going into retro mode on the 13th, and we think you should delete your ex’s phone number.

venus retro

Of course, it’s not all chaos if you play your cards right. In this article, we’re going to give some tips on how you can turn things around by doing the right thing during the Venus retrograde. If you want to get more personal tips based on your birth chart, you can download our free daily horoscope app.


Save your relationship: Communication is the key

Venus is traveling through Gemini while retrograding; this means words matter more than ever. You may feel extra fragile by your loved ones’ words, and the same rules apply for the opposite side. The retro ends on June 25, so until then, try and be more open about your feelings without letting things go intense. If your pockets are full of past-time grudges, try to get into calm mode before opening your mouth. If communication doesn’t work for you, which is extremely normal during this period, physical communication is the answer.


Avoid your toxic exes

venus retrograde ex lover

You may get a text from your ex out of nowhere during this six-week period; this happens a lot when Venus retrogrades. Especially if you’ve ended things without closure, things may turn into an obsession. If you think your ex was no good for you under normal circumstances, take some notes about their negative sides. Because if you don’t, you will probably regret it in the future.


Realize your worth and plan your next move

During its 2020 retrograde, Venus will square with Neptune, so if you’re reading this in 2021 or later, it may not be accurate. The squaring between two planets may cause you to question your self-worth. You may fall into doubts and get really depressed, especially in a time like this. Remember that insecurity is your enemy at the career front! Instead of sinking deep, we recommend you to focus on your talents. Thinking positive is always the key to handling retrogrades. If you are currently managing a team, try and spend this time planning a project from all angles. You know, retrogrades are not great times to begin new things. Luckily, this will only last six weeks. And during this time, you may find the thing you’re passionate about and start anew at the end of June!

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