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The Basics of Tarot

Are 78 illustrated cards enough to tell the future? Well, if you have the sixth sense, cards are merely tools. Although each card in a Tarot deck has a specific meaning, reading them from a guidebook can be a really painful experience. Even if one masters the guidelines for a Tarot reading, it may still not be enough to practice a psychic reading. But, don’t worry; everyone has a psychic side, it’s just the force is stronger for some of us.

Here in Dear Horoscope, we are working with a very qualified team of Tarot readers.—  If you think you have psychic powers, you can join us! And if you want to get a free Tarot reading, you can download our free tarot reading app!

On this page, we’re going to explain how Tarot cards work, and how we, as Dear Horoscope manage to provide free online tarot reading for thousands of people.

History of Tarot

The earliest Tarot decks are thought to be originated in Northern Italy in the 1400s, with slightly different illustrations. Unlike today, the cards were used to play a game similar to bridge. So yeah surprisingly, Tarot is not an ancient way of telling the future, but as we’ve mentioned before, it is really all about the reader and interpretation.

As Tarot cards became more popular across Europe, people began to change the illustrations and the meanings of some cards according to ancient myths and symbols, which eventually led to psychic people to start using them as tools for their third eyes. Today, in the US alone thousands of Tarot decks are sold every year and there are countless ways people are using them. Tarot cards are commonly used for fortune-telling, playing games, exploring one’s inner selves, and most importantly, for Tarot love reading.

Want to know more about the history of Tarot cards? 

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How do Tarot cards work?

Tarot cards are used in many different ways by different people. As mentioned above, the most common use of Tarot cards is that they act as a medium for psychics, who make a connection between the card and the one who picks it, and a story appears in their minds. Of course, every card has a certain meaning, but random words alone do not make any sense; you need someone to organize and interpret them.

Another use of Tarot cards is a modern approach to the deck. As said earlier, there are 78 illustrated cards in a Tarot deck, and one can explore their inner self by simply looking at the pictures—think of it as a healing meditation. So yes, you don’t need to be a psychic to use Tarot cards, it’s for everyone. If you are interested in getting a hint of your future, you can get in touch with a professional, or download our app.

How are we so accurate?

Here at Dear Horoscope, we’ve gathered a team of psychics and software developers  to offer our users the best we can. The first thing we do to speed up the reading process is distributing the Tarot applications according to our users’ zodiac chart, and the rest becomes so much easier— whether it’s Tarot reading or horoscope.

To provide a more accurate reading for our users, we offer our Tarot readings in two main categories: You can get a free Love Tarot reading or Fortune Tarot reading using the Faladdin app.

Get a free Love  Tarot reading now and discover the past, present, and future of your love life. With our special Tarot deck focusing on the cards for love and romance, it’s more accurate than ever!

Wondering what’s going to happen to your economical state in the near future? Get a free Tarot reading that concentrates on your fortune using the Faladdin app!


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