One of the three zodiac signs that are not represented by an animal figure is Aquarius and its symbol tells us a lot about the characteristics of Aquarians. Although in some cultures, the representative for the sign is believed to be a bird, the most common symbol we see in almost everywhere is The Water Bearer. The main element in the Aquarius symbol is a water bucket or a vase, while in Western societies, there’s usually a woman or a man carrying it.

On this page, we’re going to explore the connection between the Aquarius sign and its symbols. If you want to master the Aquarius sign and learn how to behave around them, you can visit our Aquarius sign page.

Aquarius symbol meaning

We can interpret the water-bearing character in the Aquarius symbol as the collector of knowledge. Because as you know, Aquarians are all about learning new information, and practically all they want for humans is to progress. Apart from that, water is considered to be the foundation of all living things, and that shows how much Aquarians value life in all of its forms. After all, they are the great humanitarians of the zodiac.

aquarius glyph
aquarius glyph

Aquarius symbol origins

Like the majority of zodiac signs, Aquarius, too, has more than one origin story, but it is almost the same one in Babylonian, Egyptian, and Ancient Greek mythologies. The most popular origin myth for Aquarius is the story of Ganymede from Greek mythology. Ganymede, the romantic affair of Zeus witnesses the devastating effects of drought on people and wants to give them water, and as a result, he becomes the God of Rain with the help of Zeus.

Other representations of Aquarius symbol

Although the symbol of Aquarius gives the same message in every culture, there are some variations of the way the sign is depicted. In Western cultures, we see a young woman or an intellectual man carrying a bucket of water, and in others, the symbol is depicted simply with a vase full of water. Another representation of Aquarius, the Aquarius glyph, illustrates two wave-shaped lines one on top of the other. Looking for an Aquarius sign tattoo? We’ve listed some cool-looking Aquarius symbols and illustrations down below.

aquarius constellation tattoo
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aquarius tattoo ideas
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