The woman who entered our lives after manifesting that she kissed a girl and liked it has plotted a new move that’s going to make us talk. Yes, we’re talking about Katy Perry and her pregnancy announcement/love letter music video for “Never Worn White.”

In the video for her new single, she expresses her love for her fiance, Orlando Bloom, with all the passionate words. But there’s something even more exciting in the video, which is Katy Perry’s pregnant belly. Well, if we needed to list the greatest Scorpio moves ever, this would totally be in the top 10.

In this article, we’re going to deep dive into Katy Perry’s birth chart so guess what might expect us in the coming years, while giving some hard facts about the nature of a Scorpio.


Katy Perry: An astrological investigation

Born on October 25, 1984, at Santa Barbara, USA, Katy Perry is a Scorpio. Like that’s not enough, her rising sign is Scorpio, too. Perry’s birth chart may look like double trouble, but when you think about it, that’s one of the reasons she’s loved by the crowds.

katy perry fiance

Scorpio people are passionate, and when it comes to love, they have no limits. You can see that in her latest music video; she loves her new fiance so much, she makes a whole event to announce her desire for him. In a time when we think twice before telling about our new partners to even our closest circles, that’s a little edgy. Scorpios take action with their desires rather than their minds, and that’s what makes them so unique, and in some cases, the crazy ones.

You may be thinking why Katy Perry hadn’t manifested her love for anyone before, and we think that’s because of the position of the Moon in her birth chart. Her Moon is at Saturn, which makes it a little harder for Perry to be 100% sure about her true love. She’s unexpectedly responsible for a Scorpio, but when the true love comes, we know a Scorpio’s mind has no right to speak.


Astrological predictions for Katy Perry

This year seems a little more interesting for Katy Perry, especially on the social front. We may see her with a whole new and intellectual crowd. A new relationship, a new child, and a new close circle? What else does a Scorpio want?

katy perry never worn white

On the relationship front, we predict stability for Perry, which must be good news for her since she looks crazy in love. Plus, the addition to our new couple may bring a revelation to Perry, which may help her a lot while dealing with problems from the past.

It all seems almost perfect for Katy Perry, and we actually think she deserves it. This is going to be a new chapter in her life, and the second half is always better for Scorpios.


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