We have a lot of transitions going on in the sky this month. First, we have Venus and Saturn squaring, which usually causes trouble on the romantic front, but in this case, we have an aged Saturn, which can turn things around in a positive way. Then on the 5th, Venus is entering where it’s comfortable, Taurus. So yes, we can say that it’s going to be an adventurous month if you’re looking for love, art, and sex. Then on the 9th, Mercury’s retrograde finally ends. Yay! Of course, there are many more little details that are happening, but we’re here to give predictions and tips based on your sign. Here’s your monthly horoscope.

Monthly Horoscope – March 2020


Aries: As you might’ve known, Mercury is still retrograding, so if you have something important, like signing some papers or starting a new adventure, we recommend delaying them till the 10th. Until the 10th, you can reconnect with an old friend or love, which usually turns into something great during a retrograde. For the second half of the month, you should try and keep out of stress and listen to your intuition, especially until the 20th, when the Sun enters your sign. And if you’re born in March, happy birthday!


Taurus: Venus is entering your sign on the 5th, which may mean a new love or self-love on a whole new level. You can also expect some good news about money when Venus is in your sign. The only thing you have to be careful about this month is the Mercury retrograde, which ends on the 10th. Try to postpone any paperwork after the retrograde, and you’ll have a month full of love and joy.


Gemini: Your ruling planet, Mercury, is still retrograding until the 10th, so be extra cautious before taking a big step. Also, until the 10th of March, you can use the energy of Mercury to build a new skill. After the 17th, it’s time for you to think about your work, cause there’s a great chance of progression waiting for you.


Cancer: You can turn the negative energy of the retrograde to finish a project that you had started before the retrograde. After the 5th, your chances of meeting new and interesting people are higher than ever, so making social plans would be a good idea, especially if you’re looking for a new love.


Leo: Venus is entering your 10th house on the 5th, making you more enthusiastic about your dreams. Your zodiac was already on your side, and after the 5th, it’s going to get even better. And if the enthusiasm hasn’t come, you can always make a list of the things you love. On the 9th, there’s a full moon that’s going to enlighten your finances. When you combine the energies of Venus and the full moon, you may finally find a way to make money doing what you love.


Virgo: If you have travel plans before the 10th, it would be safer to delay those plans after the retrograde. Instead, you can turn things around by completing unfinished tasks during that period. If you’re looking for some action on the romantic front, there’s a good possibility that you’ll get what you want after the 9th. In the second half of the month, your hand is getting stronger, so if there are some negotiations to solve, it’s a good time to get into it.


Libra: Venus entering your 8th house on the 5th may bring you a surprise. So it’s a good start to a new season for you. You may also develop new feelings for someone you barely know. It’s the perfect time to go out and express yourself. And on the 9th, there’s the full moon in your 12th house, which is a great time for you to connect to yourself and listen to your inner voice.


Scorpio: After the 5th, Venus is getting ready to rekindle your love life. If you’re looking for someone, you’ll find them. And if you’re currently in a relationship, you’ll have the power to bring it to a whole new level. The only thing you need to consider before entering a new relationship is being open about your need for space and freedom. Because you’ll want your space more than ever in the following months, and that’s a good thing for a Scorpio.


Sagittarius: It’s the perfect time for you to take the next step for Sagittarians after the 5th, especially on the career front. Need a raise, demand it! Need a change in your career, take action; it’s all going to be great. After the 17th, you can plan a family reunion, since it’s a great time for you to bond with your close circle. During that period, whatever good you do, you’ll earn back twice as much.


Capricorn: The month begins with romance and creativity for you. Thanks to Venus, there’s going to be euphoric moments after the 5th. Yay! And on the 9th, you may get an extra creativity boost thanks to the light of the full moon. Finally, after the retrograde, you can open your doors to new beginnings and let new people & experiences into your life.


Aquarius: If you’ve been feeling like redecorating your space, it’s a good time to get working after the 5th. Thanks to the energy of Venus, even small changes in your home will give you a new vision. You may be thinking about a side job for a little extra cash, and if you use the energy of Venus, you may get a revelation after the 17th, especially about your financial situation.


Pisces: You’re beginning this month with a boost in your social intelligence. After the 5th, you can get into new environments to meet new people. Joining a group lesson on something you love is a great idea for you to meet some exciting people. Plus, on the 9th, you have a full moon in your relationship zone. And if your birthday is in March, happy birthday, it’s gonna be a great year!

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