Depicted as ‘two fish facing opposing directions’, the symbol of Pisces is one of the three zodiac sign symbols that evoke the sense of duality. We can already see that duality in the nature of Pisceans’ souls, but what we’re talking about here is not like the Gemini duality, but more like Yin and yang. Even the resemblance of their symbols tells a lot about the characteristics of the people born under the Pisces sign.

On this page, we’re going to explain the meaning of the Pisces symbol and the links between the sign and its symbol. If you want to know even more about the fish around us, you can visit our Pisces sign page to master the personality and physical traits of the last zodiac sign.

Pisces symbol meaning

If you know a thing or two about Pisces zodiac sign, you must’ve heard that Pisceans are the most spiritual people, making them the psychics of the zodiac. The symbol of Pisces, the two fish, hence, represents that spirituality. Another interpretation of the Pisces sign by the astrologists focuses on the loop shape formed by the two fish swimming in opposite directions. This loop represents the “cycle” as nothing ever ends. As the Pisces’ season ends, we start a new season with Aries once again.

pisces glyph
pisces glyph

Pisces symbol origins

Like the majority of the zodiac signs, the story of Pisces dates back to Ancient Greek mythology, but this one is a little more dramatic than the others. It is believed that the two fish represent Venus and Cupid. When Gaia sends Typhon to take revenge on the residents of Mount Olympia, a.k.a the mountain of the gods, Venus and Cupid were taking a bath at the Euphrates River, unaware of the disaster. In order to save them, the Nereids of the river turned them into two fish.

Other representations of Pisces symbol

Unlike the majority of the zodiac signs, Pisces has only one depiction, and you guessed it right; it’s the two fish. But, of course, there are many unique illustrations representing the sign. We’ve listed some of the best Pisces symbols and illustrations below for the best Pisces tattoo ideas. Interestingly, the Pisces glyph does not resemble two fish at all, rather, we see two symmetrical curves and a line bonding them.

pisces tattoo ideas
Source: Pinterest
pisces tattoo
Source: TattooDl

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