The symbol of Sagittarius represents the most famous qualities of the free-spirited people born between November 22 and December 21. The Sagittarius symbol is the Archer. Even though the sign has various depictions in different cultures, the symbol of a bow and arrow has always been the main representation of the Sagittarius, whether it’s a simple arrow pointing up, or the Centaur or Archer with a bow and arrow.

Both the Sagittarius symbol and glyph feature an arrow that is pointed upwards, which signifies the non-stop optimism of Sagittarians. Another Sagittarius characteristic that is linked with the symbol is their love of new adventures and progress.
Here, we’re going to explain the relation between the Sagittarius sign and symbols. If you want to learn more about the personality and physical traits of Sagittarius, you can visit our Sagittarius sign page.

Sagittarius symbol meaning

As mentioned before, Sagittarius people are progress-makers. They always have the energy to get into a challenge that will carry them to a higher level, especially when it comes to intelligence. One of the major Sagittarius icons, the Centaur, encapsulates this never-ending energy of the Sagittarians.

Another depiction of Sagittarius, the Sagittarius glyph, is an arrow pointing up to the sky. This symbol resembles the male sign (the Mars Symbol), and it is often interpreted as the symbol of the emotionally-challenged sides of the Sagittarius people.

sagittarius glyph
sagittarius glyph

Sagittarius symbol origins

There are more than one origin myth for the Sagittarius zodiac sign, its constellation, and the symbol. The earliest stories associated with Sagittarius are considered to be originated in the Sumerian culture. The archer represents Nergal, the Sumerian god of war. Later, as the Ancient Greeks and Romans became the trendsetters of western civilization, the Sagittarius myth was replaced with the myth of Chiron, the famous Centaur.

Other representations of Sagittarius symbol

Since it’s one of the oldest constellations discovered by humans, the symbol and even the name of Sagittarius varies in different cultures. The most popular depictions of the Sagittarius symbol are ‘the Archer in human form‘ and ‘the bow and arrow’. Of course, there are many other representations of the Sagittarius sign, and we’ve listed the coolest ones below for the perfect Sagittarius tattoo ideas.

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