The second sign of the zodiac, Taurus, is usually represented by a bull symbol, which has many different expressions throughout the world. In some cultures, we see a bull’s head as the Taurus symbol; in others, it’s represented by the highly-aesthetic Taurus glyph; but most of the time, it’s a raging bull. On this page, we’re going to exemplify different Taurus symbols and explore the symbols’ meanings and effects on the sign.

Like all of the zodiac signs, the symbol of Taurus gives us a lot of clues about Taureans. If you want to know even more about the Taurus sign, you can visit our Taurus sign page, where we’ve listed the most common physical and personality traits of the Taureans, or the Bulls, if you will.

Taurus symbol meaning

When you think about a bull, the first thing that comes to mind is the rage, and if you know a couple of Taureans, you must’ve noticed their tendency to have arguments. Taureans love to pick a fight, and they turn even peaceful situations into a bullfight. Another bull-like personality trait of Taurus is the focused personality. Once a Taurus decides to work on a task, consider it done. They are the masters of concentration, and this makes Taureans great leaders of the world.

The other Taurus symbol representation, the Taurus glyph symbolizes the stubbornness of the sign. It’s a great minimalist approach to the bull’s head. When you look at it, you can’t help but sense the strong-willed bull.

Taurus constellation

Taurus symbol origins

Originating in one of the most ancient constellations called the Seven Sisters, the Taurus zodiac sign gets its name from Egyptian and Greek mythologies. Taurus means bull in Latin, and thereupon the Taurean symbol has always been the bull. The biggest myth about the bull in history comes from the Greek myth of Zeus and Europa. As the legend tells, Zeus turns himself into a bull to impress Europa. Following that, the two have a relationship, after which their three children are born.

In Egyptian mythology, we see the bull as one of the most sacred animals. It is associated with the bull deity, Apis, whom the ancient Egyptians worshipped as a fertility god.

Other representations of the Taurus symbol

Since it is a very prominent figure in many ancient cultures, there are many different versions of the way Taurus sign is illustrated. Below, we’ve gathered more representations of the sign for the perfect Taurus symbol tattoo ideas. Here you can find extremely-detailed illustrations of the mighty bull, or a minimalistic one, like the Taurus glyph, or the ruling planet of the sign, Venus.

taurus glyph
Taurus glyph
taurus tattoo ideas
Source: Andreas Preis

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