Summer is right around the corner, and naturally, many of us want to get in a healthier shape. You may be asking how that’s gonna happen since the gyms are closed and we’re all stuck in our houses. Thanks, coronavirus. Sure, your trainer may be going wild on Instagram live lessons, but we’ve all come to the realize that it’s just not working. But we have some suggestions based on your zodiac signs. Since each zodiac sign has unique personalities, we thought that maybe you just hadn’t found your perfect at-home workout. Some of us like to go crazy, and some of us want to follow the same routines, and in this article, we’re going to tell you what you should do to get your metabolism back where it was before the pandemic.

Don’t forget to check your daily horoscope while catching your breath!


Aries: Parkour!

You may be thinking it’s impossible to do a parkour training at home, but this pandemic showed us everything is possible. Since you want your workouts to be worth it, we thought that you should go crazy at home. And there’s nothing better than parkour!


Taurus: Perfect those dance moves!

If you are a Taurus, you must love sticking to the routines, but you want some fun, too. We can’t think of anything else than dancing that’ll put a smile on your face. Choose your favorite song to dance to, and perfect that choreography. Our pick for you: BeyoncĂ©!

Gemini: HIIT

You wanna look perfect, but working out can be a pain in the ass, right? Well, we agree. Thankfully, we have the perfect at-home workout that’s going to be worth the effort. With High-Intensity Interval Training, we can assure you that you’re not even gonna find time to get bored.

Cancer: Yogalates

If you’re a Cancerian, high-intensity workouts are probably not your cup of tea. So our workout pick for you is yogalates, which is the balanced hybrid of yoga and pilates. Feed your soul while strengthening your core!


Leo: CrossFit

Of course, you look perfect no matter what, but if you are to start working out, it should be perfection. It may be a little hard, but the results are amazing. Yes, we’re talking about CrossFit, and you’re gonna love it!


Virgo: Pilates

Pilates is the absolute best workout for a Virgo, and here’s why: First, you don’t need any equipment, and second, it works every single muscle, especially the core area. As you get used to the routine, you can find new pilates exercises based on your liking, cause you know how to work it!


Libra: Barre

You want your workout to be symmetrical, just like you everything else in your life. Barre is the perfect at-home workout for you that you can do without any pieces of equipment. Plus, you can eat that glazed donut afterward, thanks to the high calorie-burning experience of your new workout.


Scorpio: Boxing

It may sound relatively difficult to do at home, but we can’t think of anything better than boxing for the passionate Scorpios. You know, there has to be some kicking and screaming involved. And it’s not as hard as you think, all you need is a boxing bag that you can order easily on Amazon. Still, we picked a video that requires no equipment. Try it; you’ll thank us later.


Sagittarius: Walking

If you’re a Sagittarian, you mush hate blood, sweat, and tears. So our at-home workout pick for you is walking, and if you’re thinking “how,” it’s a lot easier than you may think. You may have heard of her, but if you haven’t you should subscribe to Leslie Sanson’s YouTube channel.


Capricorn: Pull-ups

You like testing your limits, and the most challenging and satisfying workout for you should be pull-ups. All you need is a horizontal bar! It’s intense, short, but extremely effective for your core and upper body strength.


Aquarius: Rope or cycling

Cycling is better and more fun, but you need to spend a lot to buy a spinning bike, so skipping rope should be fine for you. It’s one of the easiest ways to burn calories, and building muscles in your legs are the best way to accelerate your metabolism.


Pisces: Yoga

Yoga may not sound like a workout, but there are some types of yoga that’ll make your heart pump like crazy. Below, you can follow a freedom yoga routine to feed your soul, mind, and core muscles. Don’t skip the meditation part!

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