In a world filled with modern technology and endless stimuli everywhere you turn your head, we’re getting more and more out of touch with our inner voice that used to be an essential part of us, humans. But still, we have some moments that feel like scenes from a magical movie; and for some of us, those moments come more often than others. Call it superstitious or not, many people have experienced the existence of the sixth sense, or psychic powers if you will. In this article, we’re going to be focusing on six of the most common signs that may mean you’re psychic.


1- Experiencing déjà vu

deja vu

A phrase many of us have heard, déjà vu is the mysterious feeling that you feel like you’d lived the exact moment you’re in before, and almost every human being has experienced this phenomenon. Well, if you’re getting the feeling of déjà vu more often and more clearly, that may mean that you have more powerful senses compared to others, and maybe with spending more time with your inner self, you may even control your psychic senses.


2- Dreams coming true

dreams coming true

We all have someone in our lives who are constantly bragging about their dreams coming true in the weirdest ways. While those may be true, most of the time, they’re just digging for spooky things to tell. But for some people, dreams really do come true – you must’ve heard some of the true dream stories that changed the flow of history. If something like this has happened to you, congrats, you may be a psychic.


3- Unusual sights or senses

psychic visions

Okay, this one’s a little creepy, but if you’re one of those people that see shadows that belong to nothing or hear voices that come out of nowhere, well, you either have an important sight or hearing problem, or you may be psychic. On the bright side, if those dark flashes are creeping you out, don’t worry, just embrace extraordinary senses.


4- Judge of character

psychic characteristics

This is the most common one, and we all have this intuition of knowing if someone we’ve just met is a good or bad person. But if you have no mistakes in your pre assumptions; it’s more than intuition, it’s a vision, a vision that helps a lot in daily life.


5- Telepathy


Reading someone else’s mind may sound extreme, but in our daily lives, we all get that feeling of telepathy. Think about it, there must’ve been times that you got a call from someone while you were thinking of them; or you must’ve fallen into the cliché of “completing each other’s sentences.” Well, for some, things go further, and they can subtly read others’ minds. If you feel like you have this power, well, it’s safe to say that you have that psychic aura around you.


6- Reading cards or other things

reading cards

The most obvious sign of having psychic senses is probably the ability to tell the future, and the most common way of doing so is by Tarot cards. Although there are some rules that everybody can master while reading Tarot cards, it is believed that if the person reading the cards has a psychic sense, it helps. Another common future telling way that we see in the eastern cultures, reading coffee grounds or tea leaves looks even cooler on paper.

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