We have a little intense week waiting for us. First, as everybody knows, there’s the Mercury retrograde, and like that’s not enough, Mars is plotting some shenanigans about the past. But there’s no need to worry because we’re here to give you tips. Here’s your weekly horoscope.


Weekly Horoscope February 24 – March 1, 2020


aries sign symbol


Aries: Mars will be influencing your career zone this week, and it may bring something from the past. You may get a call from your ex-boss, or you may need to make a big decision. It’s all good, but whatever happens, you need to be very careful before taking the next step.


Taurus sign symbol


Taurus: You may get a sense of discomfort in your own comfort zone this week. If you do, don’t take it as a negative thing. The planets are on your side for you to take action out of your comfort zone, and if you do, it’s going to be great!


Gemini sign symbol


Gemini: Mars may make you dive into past mistakes this week, but that doesn’t have to be a terrible thing if you play the game right. Mistakes are the best elements to build our characters, and thinking about them can be a very empowering thing. Use this feeling to draw yourself a new path, and never underestimate your self-worth.


Cancer sign symbol


Cancer: You might have had doubts about yourself for a couple of weeks, and thankfully, those days are over. Now it’s time to start criticizing others and taking control of your wonderful self. This week, you may also level up in your love life, since Venus will open doors to new adventures for you.


Leo sign symbol


Leo: If you’re tired of routines, this is a great week to step out of your comfort zone. You have the need to break your chains and free yourself from the bore, and this week, you have the power. Think about the things that used to make you happy and revisit those experiences. You’ll see how revolutionary just a small step will be.



Virgo sign symbol


Virgo: If things have been unexpectedly great for a couple of weeks, you’ll do even better this week. And if your word for our life is just “meh,” this week is the time for a revelation for you. Your need for creativity will skyrocket, making you start doing what you love. Don’t resist that feeling, and start working!


Libra sign symbol


Libra: Your ruling planet, Venus, is squaring with Pluto this week, making you work on your relationships and your home. Pluto is the planet of transformation; you do the math. The choices you’re going to make this week can lead to massive turnouts, so think twice before making a big shift in your life.



Sagittarius sign symbol


Sagittarius: We’ve come to one of those weeks when you measure your self-worth with your finances. Mars may give you a hard time, taking your mind to the material world. If you can manage to avoid the materialistic thoughts about yourself, you will arrie a great place at the end of the week.


Scorpio sign symbol


Scorpio: Venus is squaring with your ruler, Pluto, this week. Since Pluto is in your communication zone, you may get a revelation about your way of interacting with people. Since Venus will be the influencing force, we can safely say that only good will come out of this cosmic happening.



Aquarius sign symbol


Aquarius: Pluto’s squaring with Venus may take you to a place full of power struggle, and we all know that’s no place for an Aquarian. If you find yourself in such a position, try and remember the times you value most. And don’t forget that your ideas matter most; you’re an Aquarius!

Capricorn sign symbol


Capricorn: You might have had some intensity going on in your life, but we have good news for you! Saturn is getting ready to leave your sign, which is always a good thing. You may finally get your life together with a clearer mind. The stress is almost over; don’t go hard on yourself and think about the serenity after these stormy days.



Pisces sign symbol


Pisces: The planets have all aligned to open new ways for you this week. It’s a great time to meet new people and make new decisions. And the better news is, you’re going to have even more control over your life, and even others’.

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