After a week of revelations with the influence of the full moon & eclipse in Cancer, this week, we have other major events going on with the planets and stars. First of all, on Monday, Sun goes into conjunction with Saturn, and Venus will enter Pisces until February 7. Then on Wednesday, we have Venus sextile Uranus that’ll bring positive vibes to your heart. Let’s see how the events in the sky will influence each zodiac sign this week.

Weekly Horoscope January 13 – January 19, 2020


aries sign symbol


Aries: This year is full of open doors to new possibilities for Aries, and the second week of January has another upbringing force for our lovely Aries friends. This week, you can use the power of Sun’s conjunction with Saturn to decide what’s best for you without thinking about the material stuff. Doing what you love will open doors to a stress-free life. We promise.


Taurus sign symbol


Taurus: When we look at the last couple of months for Taurus, we see restriction, and this week, the time has finally come for our Taurean friends to break their chains and embrace their freedom. The Sun is on your side, giving you extra courage and power. We recommend you to think about what’s blocking you from moving forward and leave the circumstances behind one by one.


Gemini sign symbol


Gemini: If you had some disturbing revelations after the full moon last week, don’t worry, this week is the time for confidence that’s going to give you extra power in your social life and sexuality. To make things even better, use that extra confidence till the last drop; think about your needs and desires, and step out of your fears.


Cancer sign symbol


Cancer: Thanks to the influence of Venus, this week will be an exciting time for everybody’s romantic businesses. But Cancerians will make the most of it since January began with revelations about their needs on relationships. We can safely assume that this is going to be the week of Cancerians on romance, sexuality, and explorations.


Leo sign symbol


Leo: This week is going to be all about breaking the habits and routines for Leos. If you want to use the extra strength the Sun is giving you, think about your daily routines and try to make some free time for yourself. On the love front, Venus will influence your crazy passionate side, so think twice before getting into a mess.


Virgo sign symbol


Virgo: Been waiting for an intimate relationship? Well, the wait is over, since Venus is entering your relationship house. This week, the person to call “the one” may finally come into your life. The same rules apply to all of your current relationships, too. If you feel a bit anxious this week, try short breathing exercises to come back to your best self.


Libra sign symbol


Libra: The complications with your family and close circle continues this week, so you still need to put yourself in the first place while deciding what’s best for you. Also, the influence of Mercury will bring you lots of joy, laughter, and great ideas this week. Carry your pen and paper with you, since you may find your next big idea.



Sagittarius sign symbol


Sagittarius: Last week might have been full of self-doubt and insecurities, but this is the year that you’ll build yourself a secure foundation. And thanks to the extra confidence the Sun gives you, this week is full of opportunities to step up and begin your game. Spending time with your loved ones will also bring you extra comfort this week.


Scorpio sign symbol


Scorpio: Venus is entering your fifth house this week, so yes, lusty times are around the corner. Another effect of Venus will be enhancing your creativity and your communications. You may have big ideas this week, so don’t hold back to express yourself!

Aquarius sign symbol


Aquarius: January is the month when Aquarians are our spiritual leaders, and if you’ve been having some visions, that was only the beginning. This week, you may get even more revelations about yourself and your close circle. Listen to your intuition; it’s telling you the truth.

Capricorn sign symbol


Capricorn: After a long-lasting and tiring effect of Pluto, this week, it’s all going to come together for Capricorns. Well, you deserved it with all that hard work and commitment. Starting this week, you’ll have extra power to construct with what you’ve been learning. And on the bright side, it’s going to be simpler than ever!

Pisces sign symbol


Pisces: It may have been an emotional roller-coaster for our lovely Pisceans. If you’ve been feeling depressed and thinking that there’s no way out, this week, we can finally say the light is there for you. The key to getting out of your darkness is your friends and loved ones. This week, try and get out of your house and meet your loved ones since communication will bring you light.

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