May 2020 is going to be one of the most intense months of the year, and this week can be defined as the calm before the storm. The planets are getting ready for big shifts, and you can already feel the effect of Venus staging for retrograde. Also, there’s a Full Moon in Scorpio. Here’s how the celestial bodies will affect you during the week.


Weekly Horoscope May 4 – 10, 2020


aries sign symbol


Aries: It’s (still) all about your career, and you need to get ready for the change after the 13th. It’s all going according to the plan, and taking the next step will be easier than you think. Instead of going with the flow, you really need to decide what you want to do with your life, and we promise your wishes will come true.


Taurus sign symbol


Taurus: Your ruling planet, Venus, is staging for retrograde, which may make you feel a little nervous at the beginning. But it’s all gonna be okay thanks to your adaptation skills very quickly. This is a great time to sit back and plan the next chapter of your life, especially the romantic affairs.


Gemini sign symbol


Gemini: Things might have been chaotic for a long time, but you must know that you’re in control. Your ups and downs are essential elements of the flow of your life, and you are the one to say the final words. But the good news is, the planets are on your side, and if things seem like going wrong, it’s temporary.

Cancer sign symbol


Cancer: Although things haven’t been great on the relationship front for a couple of years, your life has improved for the better in many ways. And beginning this week, you’ll probably get into the romance scene once again thanks to Venus. Who knows; you may even find the one this time.

Leo sign symbol


Leo: There’s a lot of negativity around for a couple of weeks. Although it’s completely natural for everyone to feel down during the pandemic, it’s not working for anyone, especially you. This week, staying away from the downers is a good idea for you, because when you think about it, they’ve been too much.


Virgo sign symbol


Virgo: You are on fire, but you feel like there needs to be something else to channel your excessive energy into. This is all because Venus is at the top of your chart, and next week, things will start slowing down. If you still feel like you need to do something, it’s a good idea to sign in to an online class, maybe?


Libra sign symbol


Libra: The lockdown process has made you even more obsessed with your house and surroundings. Since this is a good time to do some renovations for Librans, you shouldn’t hold back and do whatever you want. But this week, your libido may distract you from your house, and it’s actually going to do you good if you get into the flirting scene until the 13th.
Sagittarius sign symbol


Sagittarius: You are in a position where everything’s so smooth and wonderful. Your relationships with your family, friends, and partner(s) are fine, so you can find time to work on your career. We can say that it’s only gonna get better, but you need to keep on doing what you do. You know that you’ve got the energy, and keeping your mind in your work is a safe choice.


Scorpio sign symbol


Scorpio: You started this “working during the lockdown” thing with great energy and adaptation, but things have started to go down for a while. Feeling tired is normal, and even if you’re working from home, you deserve a couple of days-off. It’s a good time to rest your mind because it’s gonna be intense after the first half of the month.
Aquarius sign symbol


Aquarius: If you feel like this year was going A-OK for you, you are right. If you work for what you really love, the cosmos put on that. And this week is one of the last exits before your chances are over. If you have something you’re passionate about, get your words and mind together, and share your project with the world!


Capricorn: Thanks to Jupiter, you feel extra lucky, and if you are worried that these times will pass, we have good news: the giant planet is going to travel in your sign for another year. In the meantime, you can use this extra luck to build your dream life. You may feel some trouble with your health this week, but it’s probably because of your unbalanced diet. Don’t forget to eat your greens, and you’ll be fine.
Pisces sign symbol


Pisces: You may be obsessed with the problems in your family, and that’s OK. You are going through a karmic shift, and you want to build a foundation before beginning the new chapter of your life. As usual, communication is the key, but if you want some distraction from the anxiety, you can find some emotional release in writing, drawing, or journaling.

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