We are all trying the best we can to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. And the most reasonable thing to do is to stay home. Since everything changed in an instant, we weren’t aware of how hard being stuck at home might become, especially for the ones who have to share a home with someone. It’s been a while since we locked ourselves in our houses, and we’re more easily irritated than ever. Even the slightest mistake can ruin households. If you’re on the verge of sharpening your knives because of your lockdown partner, here’s how you should behave with each zodiac sign. And if you want to get daily horoscope readings curated only for you, you should¬†download our app.


aries in lockdown

The messy kids of the zodiac chart, Aries people, can be a nightmare to share the same house, especially if you’re an earth sign. They leave their dishes around, and after a while, those lovely mealtimes turn into “emotional breakdown o’clock.” Thankfully, what you should do with an Aries is simple. First, you have to lay down the rules of your territory, and if that doesn’t work out, leave them alone with their bags of chips and spend the time in the comfort of your room; they won’t complain.


taurus in lockdown

Taureans usually live in quarantine, so if you’re stuck with one, they may be extra happy that someone’s always around, which in the end, can become annoying. But that’s not even the biggest problem with them. Since they like doing stuff in the house, you should get ready for new kitchen challenges that don’t end well. To turn things around, you can help them build the perfect sourdough and ta-da; you just got yourself a new and free bakery!


gemini in lockdown

If you’re stuck at home with a Gemini during the lockdown, all we have to say is good luck. Geminis are famous for their ups and downs, and spending more than a day with them can be extremely tiring. Thankfully, there are some ways to channel their negative energy towards something else, and the best option is gossiping. Unfortunately, Geminis love talking behind their friends (we’re not saying that they’re shady or anything), and thanks to their mastery in wordplay, gossiping with them can turn into an A-list stand-up routine.¬†


cancer in lockdown

We hope that your Cancerian quarantine partner is single because otherwise, they come in pairs. And we all know that being the third wheel sucks, especially in a time like this. But since we’re talking about worst-case scenarios, we’ll give a tip on a Cancer and their lover. First rule: avoid being in the same room with them, and when you have to be in the shared space of the house, watching a rom-com is a great idea to channel their energy towards something they love.


leo in lockdown

Although Leos can be unexpectedly fun to spend time with thanks to their attention-seeking nature, things may get messy after a while. If you value personal space, a Leo’s not your best companion, but since we’re talking about the worst, here’s what you should do if you’re stuck at home with a Leo. It may sound evil, but with a well-curated compliment, you can make a Leo do practically anything. Just don’t start gaslighting, because if they get something’s going on, you’ll get a good roast.


virgo in lockdown

Virgos are difficult people; everybody knows that. They pick too much, and they are irritatingly neat. If you don’t want to end up in a fight with your Virgo quarantine buddy, give them some space. They already have routines that they love, and if you ignore them, they’ll do just fine. By the way, and this is important, never forget about the dishes!


libra in lockdown

Librans love doing unnecessary “renovations” in their houses, and when we try to imagine a Libran stuck in a house for more than one week, all we can see is endless Pinterest boards full of DIY projects that no one needs. If you have a hobby room, ordering a hot glue gun and locking your Libran friend in is a good idea. But if you don’t, you can always use their free labor to change the color of your room.


scorpio in lockdown

If you don’t want to lose your Scorpio roommate/lover/family member, you need to behave extremely carefully. You know how they hold grudges and how it all ends. To ease the tension of the passionate Scorpios, you can channel their grudge towards their exes by gifting them a burn book. And whatever you do, don’t let an emotional topic between each other to occur.


sagittarius in lockdown

Sagittarians may be the best option to spend the lockdown with. But of course, they have some irritating points that you should try to ignore, too. If you’re stuck at home with a Sagittarian, you must be hearing a lot of theories on the “new world order” that’s coming after the pandemic. Since they want the progression of humanity, they may get into some weird conspiracy theories, but simply ignoring them will probably work.


aquarius in lockdown

Your Aquarius friend is probably trying to see the positive side of the pandemic. You may hear sentences like “The world is healing itself, yay,” and in a stressful time, this may be too much for you. We’re stuck at home, and practically nothing’s going great. But still, compared to other signs, an Aquarian is a relatively easier quarantine partner, and all you have to do is to show them you listen.


capricorn in lockdown

One of the lucky few signs, Capricorn, might handle the lockdown with less trouble than others. They don’t enjoy social gatherings in general, so everyone following their pattern may make them enjoy this process even more. But on the downside, they may become paranoid after reading conspiracy theories and start to build a bunker, and what you should do is to give then the right channels. If that doesn’t work, you can always unplug your router.


pisces in lockdown

The spiritual leaders of the zodiac chart, Pisceans, may have a different approach to the lockdown and pandemic. In the first few weeks, you may see your house turning into a wellness camp, but after a while, we’re almost sure that all you’ll start hearing will be emotional songs that are guaranteed to make you cry. Thankfully, Piscean people tend to love their rooms, and if you’re not sharing a room, putting on a headphone will work for you.

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