Whether you’re a believer or cynical about astrology, when you meet someone new, it’s usually one of the first things that come up in a conversation. The number one reason behind this might be the compatibility between zodiac signs.— Think about the energy when an Aries meets a Leo. We can see it in our relationships on a daily basis, but the most prevailing demonstration of the zodiac compatibility is celebrity couples. In this article, we’re going to talk about the best zodiac matches based on your favorite celebrity couples.


Sagittarius & Virgo: Tough Love

beyonce and jayz compatibility

When you think about the term “power couple,” the first one that comes to mind is Queen Bey and her husband, Jay Z. Beyoncé is living proof of Virgo personality traits with her super-planned work schedule and perfectionism. And we’ve all heard how much Jay Z likes his freedom from Beyoncé’s “Lemonade.” On paper, Sagittarius and Virgo may not seem like a perfect match, but when they come together, it’s all passion and tough love.


Virgo & Scorpio: Best Friends in Love

blake lively ryan reynolds compatibility

One of the funniest and cutest couples of Hollywood, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, are not a perfect zodiac match on paper. Lively is a Virgo, and Reynolds is a passionate Scorpio. To reach the maturity Reynolds and Lively have, there needs to be a great amount of devotion, and what comes next is a couple who can actually talk and make fun of each other. Kudos!


Libra & Gemini: The Perfect Match of Ups & Downs

kim kardashian kanye compatibility

One of the most controversial celebrity couples out there, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are both air signs. Kim Kardashian is a Libra, and Kanye is a Gemini, two signs that many of us abstain from due to their unpredictive behaviors and duality. But here, they’ve managed to find the perfect match for each other, and the harmony their inharmoniousness creates is very tricky to find anywhere else.


Leo & Pisces: Unexpected Love

leo pisces compatibility

Sophie Turner, an enthusiastic and spiritual Pisces, and Joe Jonas, a self-appreciating Leo, are an unusual kind of couple. See, it’s hard for a Leo and a Pisces to fall in love at first sight, as they don’t have strong romantic drives. But actually, that may be the main reason why they make a great couple. It’s all safe if both are on the same ground, and we can say that it’s gonna be a long-lasting relationship.


Scorpio & Pisces: The Passion is There

scorpio pisces compatibility


Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are both water signs; Gosling being a Scorpio, and Mendes a Pisces, makes them highly compatible. Both signs have secret agendas of their own, and when the two come together, they know what to expect from their partner and how to behave. It’s easy to imagine that there’s a great deal of passion between the two, but it’s not on a crazy level. The real key here is open communication.


Cancer & Capricorn: Balanced Feelings

cancer capricorn compatibility

Margot Robbie is a Cancer and Tom Ackerley is a Capricorn, which makes them an oddly perfect couple. We all know life’s like an emotional roller-coaster for Cancerians, and Capricorns have nothing to do with excessive emotions. But in this case, we can talk about a perfect balance, thanks to the balancing and communicative skills of Capricorns.


Aquarius & Aquarius: Intellectual Couple

ellen degeneres compatibility

Ellen Degeneres and Portia Rossis are both Aquarians. Although it’s usually impossible for the same-sign relationships to work out, Aquarius is an exception. You know, Aquarians have a purpose in life: making the world a better place. And you can see the humanitarianism in both Ellen and Portia. We can say that it’s going to be a life-long relationship full of compassion and endless conversations.




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