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Get ready for the waterworks, cause we’re about to meet the most emotionally challenged zodiac sign of all: Cancer. Yes, we’re all aware that life is a little more troublesome to process for Cancers, but truth be told, they’re not as emotionally unstable as many of us think they are—at least on the surface. We’re here to fix the biases towards the zodiac signs, and as you know, Cancer is one of the most oppressed of all. The Cancer symbol is a crab, and like most of the signs of the zodiac, people of Cancer also mirror their symbol: hard on the outside, soft on the inside. But that’s not all there is to it about Cancerians. On this page, we’re going to explore the personality and physical traits of Cancer zodiac sign from every angle.

Cancer Traits – Personality

Your secrets are safe here

Cancerians care about people. One of the greatest qualities of Cancerians is their sense of empathy. They sense that something is up even before you tell them your problem, Because they are great listeners, you want them to be around when things go downhill. If you’re looking for a BFF to blow off steam with, a Cancerian would be your best choice.

When it comes to keeping a secret, Cancerians are known to be the most loyal people. So don’t hold it in, go ahead and tell a Cancer! Hurting somebody’s feelings, let alone a friend’s is a Cancerian’s worst fear, so when something’s promised, it really is.

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Oh so sorrowful

If you were to assign a soundtrack to a Cancer’s life, the Funeral March wouldn’t be such an absurd choice. Cancerian people always see things from the darkest, most negative perspectives, which can be a downer for people in their inner circle. But they mean no harm to anyone, it’s just the way they experience life.

But sometimes, you will go through really tough times. In those dark days when you need help, a Cancer tries their best not to be a downer and says all the right things instead, and that’s what makes them the best friends that you can rely on.

The real hoarders

Since they bond with almost everything and everyone, Cancerian people can’t let go of their belongings easily. We’re not talking about something special here; every object has a meaning in a Cancer’s life. The reason behind their hoarding habits lies in their deeply nostalgic souls. Cancers like to remember the past, and their everyday objects are their best time machines. Seriously, even a pair of torn PJs can mean the worlds to a Cancer. Unless you’re sharing a room with them, it’s not really a problem.

Rejection? Don’t even mention it

Although people who have born under the Cancer sign have no problem with socializing with new people, they always play it safe when it comes to virgin territories. They calculate every move before taking a step, and frankly, most of the times they avoid making the first move. If you’re waiting for a Cancer to open up, good luck; because you have a long time waiting ahead of you. Of course, the main reason lying beneath this extra-safe behavior is the huge insecurity of Cancerian people. But if you are to make the first move on a Cancer, you’re usually in a safe place.

Don’t mess with a Cancer—Seriously

Being considerate and caring is one of the most well-known qualities of Cancerians, but if you push their button, get ready for a ticking time bomb of evil in return. You may mess with them without even realizing that they are hurt. Because Cancerian people don’t say much until they reach their boiling point, and when they do, it’s an emotional hurricane that’s no good for anyone. They collect every piece of information about you, and when you reach that limit, they bring out the meanest things on the surface. Seriously, if you are not prepared for the worst, try and be easy on the Cancerians, because you never know when they’ll explode.

Physical Characteristics of Cancers

If we are to describe Cancerian people with a pattern, we’d say “round.” We’re not talking about round as in chubby here. The main physical features of the Cancer sign are full and soft cheeks that mirror their emotional side.

Another distinctive feature of Cancerian people is their hands and feet. They usually have small hands that don’t reveal much of the interior bone structure. As we’ve said, round and soft are the key characteristics in a Cancerian’s look.

Cancer Compatibility

The best matches for Cancerian people are the signs that can handle emotions: Cancer, Virgo, Pisces, and the passionate one, Scorpio. It’s all fun and games till you go into the depths of the soul of a Cancerian. If you don’t have the ability to handle it, don’t even bother to plan a long-term thing with a Cancer, or things will end ugly. But on the other side, if you are a person of emotions and can hold a tight connection, a Cancerian is one of the best people to have endless conversations. As they have considerate souls with a generous heart, you can expect a fulfilling and long-lasting relationship with a Cancer.

Cancer Woman

If it is loyalty that you’re looking for in a relationship, Cancerian women are just what you need. Although it can be a little difficult at the beginning due to their hard shells, the Cancerian women open up as time passes, and if things go well, they stay in your life forever. Of course, the moodiness is strong in the Cancerian women, as well, so you should be able to deal with their ever-changing emotional states. Their minds are always occupied with others’ thoughts and emotions, and you need to do the same as much as you can.

Cancer Man

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that one of the most difficult male signs to have a relationship with is Cancer. Thanks to their moodiness and insecurities, a Cancerian man can turn your relationship into free rides of an emotional roller-coaster. But if you can work it out, there’s a great prize at the end, and that’s a caring and an understanding partner, which is not so easy to find anywhere else. It only takes a little patience with the sign Cancer. Can you adapt to go with the flow, or are mood swings a dealbreaker for you?

Famous Cancer

Cancerian celebrities are like proofs to the sign’s traits, especially the Cancerian actors. Watching them emote on the big screen is a whole other experience. We’re talking about Meryl Streep here. If we need to list other famous Cancerians, we have Tom Hanks, Robin Williams, Lindsay Lohan (oops), Margot Robbie, and Ricky Gervais.


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