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Libra is one of the most complex star signs of the Zodiac, so it is a little harder to get into than the rest of the zodiac signs. Born between September 23 and October 22, Librans are famous for their complicated personalities. They want all eyes are on them all the time and they work for it. It’s all fun and games with a Libra until you start seeing their flaws. But if you make the right moves and show a little patience, Librans are actually great people to have aroun. Libra symbol is the Scales, which says a lot about one of the most famous traits of Libra: the love of justice. If you are ready to explore the depths of the Libra sign and find out some useful tips for managing your life with a Libran, we’ve got a lot to cover below. On this page, we’ve listed the most famous physical and personality traits of Libra sign.

Libra Traits – Personality

The indecisive judges

Let’s start with the main duality of the Libran soul. Librans are one of those people that always have fair solutions. Seriously, if there’s something unfair going on, Librans can’t help but solve it. It’s in their DNAs. They are often considered the activists of their circle. They want everything to be in perfect order, and they do whatever they can to make the wrong right.

But when it comes to making up their minds about themselves, it’s the exact opposite. Librans always need validation from other people. Even if it is buying something new or dating someone new, or even going to a movie, they always ask others’ opinion, which can be very difficult to handle for people with little patience.

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Open books

Librans are known to be very outgoing and talkative people. They always have the right things to say even in new territories, which makes them great people to socialize with. One of the most magical qualities of the Libra sign is that the people of the sign make great first impressions. Think about the first moment you met your Libran friends; you’ll remember that alluring aura and those fun, endless conversations.

There’s no such thing as “too much information” for a Libran. They share every little detail with people they don’t even know, which is another reason they make a great first impression. You know, sharing much can be one of the best icebreakers when done right, and Libras surely know their game.

Love addicts

Inequality they may stand, but Libras certainly can’t stand even the idea of being alone. They believe that there’s a soulmate waiting for them around the corner. And to find it, they’re constantly in search of new partners, which gives them the quality of being excellent flirts. Even if they’re not flirting, they are flirting. That is the way they communicate with new people. You may judge a Libran for their highly-flirtatious behavior; but honestly, it just comes from an innocent belief that they’ll find “the one” one day.

Anxiety? No, please

When it comes to stressful situations, a Libran plays ostrich. Librans are not cut out for anxiety and conflict; they don’t even try and solve a taxing event. Instead, they ignore it like nothing’s happened. They may even say things they don’t mean just to get out of a disturbing situation. Yes, this may be the worst quality of the Libra sign, but when you get a hold of it, you can press the right buttons and have an actual talk with a Libran to work out your stuff. But sadly, we really don’t have any suggestions to help, you’ve gotta draw your own path here.

Shut up and take their money

Libran people like to spend a lot of money on their appearances, and sometimes, it can reach way out of their limits. The reason behind this impulse of acquiring material stuff comes from their need for perfection. They want to look good, period. You can see a Libran wearing makeup just for themselves, even in the comfort of their own homes. And naturally, a cheap thrill is not enough for a Libra; they want the best on the market. Sorry, Librans, but your bank account is crying.

Physical Characteristics of Libra

If you want to go pro on astrology and guess people’s zodiac signs by their looks, you’re in the right place. Like many other signs, Libra has distinctive physical qualities, the most famous one being the almost-flawless skin. Yes, the skin of Libran people tend to be perfect, and like that’s not enough, they try to make it better with products. It’s a loop of quality skin and hair with Libras.

Other defining physical qualities of Libra are the cheekbones and the lips. Both are full, giving out the impressions of a healthy look and joyful mood. On the body front, there is not much you can say, but as the metabolism of Libran people is usually slower than average, they may gain some extra pounds after the middle age. So if you’re a Libra, renew that gym membership before it’s too late.

Libra Compatibility

The best matches to Libra sign are Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. Of course, making your choice according to signs isn’t a very reasonable thing to do, it’s all about feelings. We’re only here to help with the basics; telling the dos and don’ts to get on with them and their behaviors, and zodiac signs have an influence. Anyways, if your zodiac sign is one of the four, go for it, but don’t forget that a Libra’s never going to give up flirting, it’s in their nature.

Libra Woman

Like Libra men, Libra women, too, are on the hunt to find their true love. But it’s different when having a relationship with Libra women. As they always need the approval of others, Libra women initially question their new partners. But in a couple of months, they will give in, thinking you might be the one. Still, if you’re looking for a “till death do us part” kind of relationship, a Libran woman may not be the right choice, as you may not be “the one.”

Libra Man

Like every Libra, Libra men want someone that they can share their lives with. They’re always on the hunt for true love, When it comes to love, Libran men can move things so quickly that you may find yourself in a wedding chapel one day. So yes, you need to take control in a relationship with Libra men, and with a little work, things may go your way.

Famous Libras

When you look at famous Libras, you see a wide variety of characters, demonstrating the many facets of Libra characteristics. Seriously, try and make a connection between these Libra celebrities. Kim Kardashian, Marion Cotillard, Will Smith, Donald Glover, Naomi Watts, and Vladimir Putin! Wow, that’s a crowd that you don’t need to be with under any circumstance.


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