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Stop whatever you’re doing, because we’re about to meet the greatest critics around us: Virgos. As one of the three zodiac signs that belong to the Earth element, Virgo sign endows the people born between August 23 and September 22 with the quality of reliability. Therefore, the most well-known traits of Virgos are their perfectionism and criticism. Although Virgo’s criticism may be too much to handle for others, it is a thousand times harder for Virgos since it comes from the self-criticizing nature of the sign. Virgo symbol is a maiden carrying wheat, as opposed to the majority of the zodiac signs that are represented by various animal figures. If you’re ready to explore the depths of the so-called ‘neat freaks’, we’ve got a lot more to say down there. On this page, we’re going to cover the personality and physical traits of Virgo and give some tips to manage their behaviors.​

Virgo Traits – Personality

Hard-core critics

One of the most eminent traits of Virgos that make them such perfectionists is their analytical and critical mind. Every little detail must be analyzed until everything makes perfect sense for a Virgo. But until then, they will pick at just about everything that it’ll drive you crazy. As we’ve mentioned, this annoying feature is harder on Virgos themselves as they tend to criticize themselves more than anyone.

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It may seem crazy for someone to criticize anything and everything, but frankly, that comes from a kind heart. Virgos want the best for their loved ones, so just try and hear them as motivational quotes when they start criticizing you.

Secret observers

If a Virgo decides to welcome you into their life, they turn into little detectives that are searching for details and clues about you. They collect every piece of information, calculate the pros and cons, and finally, if you pass the test, they let you in. A Virgo can even play dumb in certain situations to avoid looking threatening while they’re on their secret mission. So yes, you need to be extra careful what you’re doing around a Virgo since it’s all being recorded in their minds.

The best life coaches

As their element is Earth, Virgos are extremely reasonable. They don’t want anything to ruin their perfect mood in their lives, and they want the same thing for you. A Virgo can’t stay around negativity for a long time. Instead, they try to fix the negativity with their wise guidance. Virgos always have the right words to get you out of your dark mood, which makes them excellent life coaches. As they analyze and overthink everything, their words are usually very perceptive. So we suggest you to listen to a Virgo when they talk next time, ‘cause they really want the best for you.

The go-getters

When you add perfectionism, strenuousness, and an overly-analytical mind, you get the great achievers. Virgos plan it all to get what they want, whether it’s a job promotion or a relationship milestone. They dream big, they go hard, and they don’t surrender on their journey to go beyond. Virgos never get bored with routines. It’s even safe to say that they love the path to success that’s usually a drag for many of us, which makes life even more fun for Virgos.

The lone wolves with an exception

As they love their perfectly-designed lives, they don’t want people around to mess with them. You can see a Virgo staying in for days, and that’s not because they’re anti-social; they just want to stick to their routines. But when it comes to relationships, it’s almost the opposite. It’s really hard to see a Virgo without a partner. As much as they love being alone, they always want someone to share their solitude with. Virgos in relationships are like Cancers, but with a more rational sense. They are fully dedicated to their partners, they’re extremely loyal, but unlike Cancers, there’s no moodiness in a Virgo’s way of life.

Physical Characteristics of Virgo

Although there’s not a significant physical feature that differs Virgos from other people, “a healthy look” is what comes to mind when we think of the main Virgo physical traits. As their main goal in life is perfection, their diets, lifestyles, and habits give the people of Virgo a healthy look.

But still, you can tell a Virgo apart from other people by their sophisticated and slightly taller physical builds. When it comes to their clothing, they tend to choose earthy colors like beige, brown, and pastel greens, which can be considered to be other features that tell a Virgo apart.

Virgo Compatibility

The best sign to match with Virgo are Pisces, Cancer, Capricorn, and Taurus. If you are a Pisces, Capricorn or Cancer, your chances with a Virgo is very high. And if you are a Taurean, it’s a little more complicated since your routines with a Virgo may bring out conflict. But if you can manage to synchronize your lifestyles, a Virgo is your ideal match. The same rules apply to all of the zodiac signs that are looking for a relationship with a Virgo. You need to move with their flows.

Virgo Woman

It may look like you’re going on a bumpy road at the early stages of a relationship with a Virgo woman. Remember that she’s over-analyzing everything, including you. But when things settle, Virgo women reveal their unexpectedly romantic sides and devote themselves to their partners as well as their relationships. And unlike many other signs, it is rarely an emotional roller-coaster with a Virgo woman as she takes all her actions with reason.

Virgo Man

Virgo men in a relationship are perfect on paper, but not-so-much on the emotional front. If your view on relationships is “reason before emotion,” a Virgo man might be your best match. Because when a male Virgo accepts someone in his life, he shifts his dedication to them. One thing that may be irritating, though, is that Virgo men can’t give up a little flirtation with other people. But they mean no harm; it’s just the way they socialize.

Famous Virgos

The motto of the Virgo sign comes from one of the most famous Virgos out there, Beyoncé: “I dream it, I work hard, I grind till I own it.” And when you look at the other celebrities born under the sign of Virgo, you see the same characteristics. Blake Lively, Michael Jackson, Cameron Diaz, Bill Murray, Richard Gere, Zendaya, and Keanu Reeves are some of the first Virgo celebrities that come to mind, and their works are actual proofs of the dedicated and perfectionist characteristics of Virgos.


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