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Sagittarius Compatibility
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Meet the zodiac sign that turns boring into fun. You’ve guessed it right; we’re talking about Sagittarius. There is a lot to say about the euphoric people born under the Sagittarius sign between November 22 and December 21. If you’ve had any Sagittarian around you before, you must’ve noticed their enthusiasm for new adventures and the non-stop positive attitude. The most famous trait of Sagittarius is optimism, and as it’s expected, the rest is mainly fun and games, as well. The Sagittarius symbol is the bow and arrow, which represents the adventurous sides of Sagittarius people.

Sagittarius, a.k.a. the Archer is regarded to be the most positively perceived star sign of the zodiac but nobody, of course, comes in a perfect package. If you want to know about the ninth sign of the zodiac further more, we’ve got a lot more to say. On this page, we’re going to explore the depths of the Sagittarius personality traits and how to handle their endless fiery energy.

Sagittarius Traits – Personality

It’s showtime!

As mentioned before, it is always a jaunty cabaret for Sagittarius people, and of course, they take the leading role in the show. Thanks to their extreme optimism, Sags can turn your moodiest moments into fond memories. This buoyant trait, along with the fact that the Sagittarian people always have a ball going on inside their radiant minds, makes Sagittarius one of the most liked signs of the zodiac.

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Although the extremely optimistic features of Sagittarius are liked by many, some people may find it tiring. A dynamic brain that always looks at things on the bright side comes with a drawback: a perpetual hunger for new adventures. When you think about your Sagittarius friend, you notice their profoundly adventurous soul; they can’t even stay in one place. This is generally because of the optimism they harbor. They think that every new quest will bring something better into their lives, and to be fair, this usually works just fine for them.

Political correctness is for losers

One of the most famous Sagittarius traits is that they can’t be bothered with etiquette or courteousness. Sagittarians speak their minds without thinking about the consequences. But thanks to their directness, people of Sagittarius are often considered as the best truth-tellers out there. If you want to be criticized the right way, don’t go to a Virgo, instead, go to a Sag as they’ll give you all the right feedback right away. And if there’s a roast, it’s not hard to guess who’s going to steal the spotlight.

They may not care about being politically correct, nevertheless, they mean no harm to anybody; it all comes from a kind heart. Besides being ultimate truth-tellers, Sagittarius people are also great listeners, hence excellent communicators. Having such a high intellect, Sagittarius people have always something interesting to talk about.

Masters of gift season

Another popular trait of Sagittarius is their generosity. Sagittarians over-analyze your personality and choose the perfect gift for you. Whether in a birthday party or during the holiday season, you’ll see it when the gifts come out. Further to that, giving presents is actually one of the favorite activities for Sagittarius people The downside of this characteristic is that it’s hard to keep up with the mastery and price range of Sagittarians when it is time to exchange gifts.

The rulers of the intelligentsia

Sagittarius people are charmingly fun and the reason behind this charm is their never-ending hunger for intellectual stimulation. They always search for new people to learn and talk about new and interesting topics. If you want to have high-quality conversations with someone, Sagittarius people would be your top choice. They’ll surely help you widen your horizon. But if you think that a good dialogue means endless gossip, you should look elsewhere, because it’ll be nothing but a bore for Sagittarius.

True love exists, but where?

Sagittarius people are not the best when dealing with love. They prefer endless conversations and long movie nights over a romantic date night. And when they are in a relationship, that usually doesn’t work out, either, since they seek the impossible: true love. It’s really hard to see a Sagittarius in a relationship with the same person for a long time. It’s because there’s always a reason to break up, and until “the one” rings the bell, they just keep ’em coming.

Physical Characteristics of Sagittarius

Zodiac signs influence the physical appearances of people but looking at the star signs alone is not enough.It’s important to take a person’s Sun and Ascendant signs into account, too. Having said that, Sagittarius people have some physical features that give them away.

The main physical trait of Sagittarius does not lay in their appearance, but the gestures. Thanks to their euphoric spirits, their gestures and body language are highly energetic, which steals all of your attention. When it is a question of physical characteristics, there are two types of Sagittarius: the overweight and the slim. It’s all about their dedication to their bodies. If they stop caring about themselves, they can put on that extra weight very easily. So if you’re a Sag, watch those calories.

Sagittarius Compatibility

The best love match for Sagittarius is Libra; but if you’re an Aries, Gemini, Leo, or Aquarius things should be okay, too. The reason why Sagittarius and Libra together is the perfect match is that they both lack emotional intelligence. We mean no offense, it’s all good. The two signs can have the time of their lives together, and if things become serious, there may even be an open relationship that lets everyone win. As we’ve mentioned before, a Sagittarius is not a person to plan a long-lasting relationship with. So if you’re looking for someone to settle down with, don’t even bother.

Sagittarius Woman

Like the Sagittarian men, the Sag women, too, expect new experiences and intellectual stimulation from their partners. And just like the male Sags, they’re also hard to pin down. But if you’re not after a deep passionate journey, a Sag woman can give you all the fun and exciting things you’d expect from a relationship. And if you can take a little looseness, your relationship can even turn into a long-lasting one.

Sagittarius Man

If we were to say that Sag men are after a passionate love story, that would be a lie. Sagittarius men in relationships can take their partners on a movie-like adventure, but an indie movie with a sad finale. As we’ve said before, it’s difficult for a Sagittarian to have a long-term relationship; they’re after what’s new. On the friendship, though, Sagittarius men are great. They always have new ideas and plans in their pockets, which would enhance your life quality.

Famous Sagittarius

As Sagittarius is a sign of which energy inspires us to live fully and dream big, just taking a look at the Sagittarian celebrities proves the euphoric and enthusiastic nature of the zodiac sign. If we need to name some of the famous Sags , Miley Cyrus, Scarlett Johansson, DJ Khaled, Sarah Silverman, Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj, Jay Z, and Tiffany Hadish would be great examples for Sagittarius celebrities.


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