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The time has come to meet the sphinx, the closed book, the nerd of the zodiac: Aquarius. Even though Aquarian people don’t feel any different than others on the surface, as you get to know their personality further, you find yourself in a maze full of surprises. The essentials of the Aquarius personality are their love for knowledge, their spontaneity, and their humanitarianism. Well, when you put it that way, it all seems perfect. But when you add the negative features into the mix, such as their insecurity and uppityness, you get an average Aquarian. Aquarius symbol varies in different cultures, but the main element is the water or the water bearer, which is represented by a water bucket or a man pouring a bucket of water. On this page, we’ve gathered the most famous Aquarius traits that’ll give you invaluable insights into the most misunderstood zodiac sign

Aquarius Traits – Personality

The Sci-fi nerd

Thanks to their great enthusiasm for learning new things, Aquarians eventually become the self-thaught scientists of their circle. Just ask them about something like gravity or the theory of evolution, and get yourself ready for an hour-long response. In the end, their passion for science makes them huge sci-fi enthusiasts. Your perfect evening might be Netflix & Chill, but theirs is National Geographic all night long. So if you’re not familiar with the genre, an Aquarian may guide you best.

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Another feature that derives from Aquarians’ passion for general knowledge is their lack of tolerance for stupidity. Although it’s not very hard to make an Aquarian lose their temper, the easiest way to light the fuse would be talking or acting dumbly around an Aquarian. Seriously, they can’t handle the dumbness or stupidity, especially if it’s in a serious situation. If you really want to hang out with an Aquarian, you’d better start reading encyclopedias.

Challenge accepted

As Aquarians love new experiences thanks to their explorer nature, traveling and experiencing new cultures are naturally two of their favorite activities. We are not talking about a quick visit to Paris to take a selfie here; Aquarians like to dive deep into the culture when traveling to a new place. What may seem like a tedious touristic experience for others is the heart and soul of traveling for Aquarius.

Openness to new experiences and their hunger for fresh ideas bring out the challenge-loving side of Aquarius. Aquarians love spontaneity. If you want to have some fun, make some absurd suggestions to your Aquarian friend, and enjoy the rest; they won’t disappoint. Yes, it’s true that they love new challenges, but that might mean binge-watching a documentary series for hours. So our suggestion, don’t push too hard.

The ultimate humanitarian

Aquarian people are renowned for their fairness and constructiveness. When there’s a conflict, you can call them to resolve the issue. Aquarians make the best jurors in a court case along with the Librans. The reason behind their love for justice lies in their humanitarian nature. Although they don’t seem to care about other people, they want societies to progress in the right direction.

The closed books

Aquarian people have that mystical charm that attracts people; you somehow want to be friends with them. Yet whatever you do to make them like you would be practically useless. Aquarians have hard shells that are extremely hard to break, that’s why getting to know them takes a long, long time. And when their peculiar way of picking their mates also enters the equation, it becomes really hard to get close with an Aquarian.

Insecure lovers

Even if you’ve somehow managed to get hold of an Aquarian, don’t expect things to become easier all of a sudden. Aquarians in a relationship are terrible. First of all, there are jealousy and insecurity. They always doubt that you’ll leave them or do something stupid. On top of all these, they can’t stop flirting with other people even though it doesn’t mean anything to them. If you really want your relationship with an Aquarian to work, just try and ignore their meaningless flirting.

Physical Characteristics of Aquarius

Even though it’s hard to guess a person‘s zodiac sign by looking at their physical appearances, Aquarian people have very distinctive features that make them stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s a male or a female Aquarian, they have a genderless look on their faces. They often have very symmetrical and angular faces that draw people into their territory.

Another distinguishing Aquarius physical feature is their round body shape. Well, the main reason behind this feature may be their lack of interest in sports. But we’re not talking about overweight people here. Even if they’re slim, they don’t look sturdy, except their legs. As the sign rules the leg area, Aquarians have very well-built legs, which help them carry the weight of all the nonsense in the world.

Aquarius Compatibility

The best matches for Aquarius are Sagittarius, Libra, and Gemini. As you can see, these are the signs with the most complicated characteristics. It is s like a thrilling adventure for an average Aquarian to get to know these equally complex people because they love challenges. As for the most incompatible signs to Aquarius, the list goes as Cancer, Capricorn, and Taurus.

Aquarius Woman

Aquarian women are slightly easier to get into a relationship compared to the men of the same sign. Their first condition in a relationship is freedom. This might sound like their love is not so deep, but in reality, they just show it in a different way. Another most essential rule about being in a relationship with an Aquarian woman is that it has to make sense. You know, be a logical person. Otherwise, expecting a romance with a Aquarian woman would be absurdly naive.

Aquarius Man

As mentioned before, it’s hard for an Aquarius man to settle down. It is because they are not really after a relationship. They don’t think being alone sucks, so they don’t look for a partner. But of course, like many of us, they have relationships, and yes, they fall in love, too. It is not hard to notice it when they catch feelings for you, as they will start acting super weird around you. If you’ve got the right moves, you can carry the relationship to further with little effort. Just don’t say dumb things.

Famous Aquarius

When you look at the famous Aquarians, you’ll see a parade filled with scientists and notably good-looking celebrities. Here’s a bunch that’ll make you a die-hard fan of astrology, because it all makes sense now. First of all, we have Charles Darwin along with Thomas Edison and Galileo Galilei. Looking at the famous Aquarian celebrities today, Christian Bale, Shakira, Elijah Wood, and Ashton Kutcher are some of the first Aquarius celebrities that come to mind.


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