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Weekly Gemini Horoscope

You may get some surprises in your career life, and you’ll have the power to turn things around for your advantage. On top of that, your ruler, Mercury, is in Cancer, which may take you on an emotional roller-coaster. But in the end, you may find yourself in a new relationship. Yay!

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Gemini Monthly Horoscope - May 2020

You may feel like everything in your life has gone out of control and you have no say in anything. In times like these when major planets retrograde, this is extremely natural, and you have to go with the flow instead of trying to take control. You should know that every troubled time has an ending, and see this as an opportunity to build yourself a calmer mindset. But the good news is, you may get some romantic action after the 13th when Venus retrogrades till 25 June, which will help you a lot with being aware of your self-worth.

Gemini 2020 Predictions

It seems like bouncy year is awaiting Gemini, but in a good way! If you’re a Gemini, you may find it a little more difficult adapting to new environments and situations, cause surprising stuff is just around the corner. It may seem chaotic on paper, but there’s a good possibility that you may receive a good amount of money at the least expected times this year. So don’t freak out, stay if you stay positive, it’s all gonna be fine. As Saturn is going to stay in your first house for a good amount of time, you may perceive life from another perspective, which is always nice. Our recommendation to Geminis is to start meditating this year, as it’s going to be easier for them to connect with their inner selves.

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Free Personalized Gemini Horoscope

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