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Meet the zodiac sign of leaders and stars: Leo. It’s no secret that the most famous quality of Leo sign is leadership. But it would be a shame to regard Leos only as natural leaders when they have much more in their personality to offer.

The symbol for Leo is a lion, and like many other signs, Leos also carry the qualities of their representing symbol. They are the kings and queens of the jungle that we live in, and if you have a problem with that, prepare for trouble. Needless to say, even their
ruling planet is the Sun—the center of our planetary system. That must say something, right? On this page, we will delve into the personality and physical traits of Leo, or ‘the lions and lionesses among us’ if you will.

Leo Traits – Personality

What Leo wants, Leo gets

We can start talking about Leos with their best feature, which is their super-motivated personality. When a Leo has their eyes on something, whether it’s a material thing or a person, they stop at nothing until they have it. The best part about it is that, it is pure commitment to their goal rather than a competitive behavior. They know they’re the boss, so they don’t even get into a competition, and this is only one of the reasons Leos are considered natural leaders. Well now, there’s much more good stuff coming up, so if you’re a Leo, it’s a good day for you.

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Another reason Leos are the kings of achievement is their eminent confidence. Leos are highly confident in whatever they are doing, because they can effortlessly channel their mind on their game. They don’t make them kings for no reason.

Your new BFF

Leos are one of the few zodiac signs that can make friends in a flash. Like the Taureans, people born under the Leo sign attract people like a magnet, and after a couple of minutes, they are your new BFFs. They’re also very outgoing. It might seem like they are hungry for new people, but if truth be told, that’s not the case at all. They just want new audiences to tell their stories.

You may think you’ve just made a new BFF when you meet a Leo, but sadly, things don’t go that perfectly with a Leo as you get to know them better. One of the worst traits of Leos is their almost arrogant personalities. They think they know everything, and in most cases they do. But, a Leo may not be your best choice for a BFF if you can’t handle their endless talk about how they always know better.

Good vibes only

Since they are very outgoing and they love new people, Leos are usually the life of the parties. If you’re looking to have a blast, your go-to people are Leos. They always have something uplifting to entertain their crowds, which makes them extra-fun to have around. Although they love people, we can’t say the same thing about their feelings towards downers. They just can’t stand people who stay on the negative side. If we were to assign a motto for each sign on the zodiac, “good vibes only” would be our top choice for the Leo sign.

Always in the spotlight

Well, even though they have relatively better qualities compared to the rest of the zodiac signs, Leos can be unbearable when it comes to their love of being in the spotlight. They want to be the center of attention even under the worst scenarios. The attitude of “All eyes on me, please” makes it extremely hard to carry on a conversation with a Leo as the conversations turn into monologues after some point. Especially when their guards are down, like when they are drunk, you may come across Narcissus of the modern times. Excuse us, Leos; we know you hate criticism, but you also know that’s the truth.

Great partners

Unexpectedly, Leos make great partners in relationships. When a Leo loves someone, they give them everything. They suddenly stop being self-involved and become excellent listeners, and that’s not even all. They literally pamper their partner. Leos are very much like Aries in romantic relationships, but with one important pro. They know that they’re rulers of the crowds, but in a relationship, they pass their crowns to their partners.

Physical Characteristics of Leo

We’ve said that Leos are represented by the lion symbol, and you can see that even on their faces. The biggest Leo physical trait is their feline-like eyes. Their body language follows the cat spirit, as well. The way they move is enough to tell you that they’re the kings of the room even if they’re not aware of it.

Other main physical trait of Leos are their tall heights. Of course, there are some exceptions to it, but their appearances make such a presence that it makes you think they’re taller than you. It’s weird, but it is true. The same rules apply to their look. Try to think of a Leo, and what you’ll see is almost always a good-looking person, even if they’re not.

Leo Compatibility

As Leos are loved by almost everyone, we can safely say that they make great couples with a lot of zodiac signs, including Aries, Sagittarius, Libra, Leo, and Gemini. They are very easy to bond, and if the feelings are mutual, a Leo can be your partner or best friend for life. But if you are a Scorpio or a Taurus, don’t even try to go near a Leo, or things may get chaotic in no time.

Leo Woman

Just like a Leo man, a Leo woman is also extremely caring and giving in her relationships. Thanks to their high self-confidence, they don’t hesitate to give the ruling power to their partners. Of course, we’re not saying that Leo women become geishas all of a sudden; they just move with their loved ones’ flow, and they have no problem with that.

Leo Man

Although they are easy to make acquaintances with, it may be a little tough to bring a Leo man down to a relationship. It’s not like Taurus hard, but yes. And when a Leo man falls for someone, they really do fall for them. The lion becomes a kitten and dedicates whatever he’s got to his partner. They value commitment and loyalty, and expect the same from you. So if a Leo man is in your radar and you’re looking for endless compassion, try your best and get him.

Famous Leo

Leo celebrities are like hard confirmations for the personality traits of the sign. When you look at the famous Leos, you see highly-loved, passionate, and really good looking celebrities. Jennifer Lopez, Barack Obama, Madonna, Mila Kunis, Robert de Niro, Ben Affleck, Elisabeth Moss, and Daniel Radcliffe are just some of the names that come to mind when we think of famous Leo celebrities.


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