If you feel like the time has come to unleash your inner witch, stepping into the colorful and magical world of crystals might be a good idea. They’ve been around for thousands of years, and they aren’t going anywhere.

Crystals, gems, stones, rocks, or whatever you want to call them, are one of the best ways to develop our much-missed bonds with our mother earth. They are formed in the depths of our planets thousands of years ago, and each one has different energy levels. It may sound like a “new-age superstition,” but when you look at the usages of crystals and stones in technology, you’ll see that it all matches up with science. You can find a Quartz in almost all of your watches and the reason it’s used in an important task such as telling the time is the unique vibration frequency of the stone.

amethyst stones
Amethyst stones

There are thousands of crystals on our planet, and each one works on a different energy level. Since we humans have energy flows unique to each one of us, there’s no right or wrong choice for anybody when it comes to selecting the right crystal. Gems interact with human energy in various ways and they can have different effects on different people. The best way to pick the right crystals for your unique self is to interact with them and act according to your intuition. However, there are some popular crystals that work A-OK with certain zodiac signs. In this article, we’re going to try and explain the basics of crystals, the favorite crystals of your zodiac signs, crystals in Astrology,  and crystal healing.


Crystals and Zodiac Signs


Aries Lucky Crystals

Citrine, Carnelian, and Amethyst are our top three crystal picks for Aries. If you’re an Aries, the worst thing that can happen to you may be losing your willpower, and those are the days that you need to stick to your Carnelian. For the times that you feel like your mind and emotions are out of control, Citrine is the best stone to go with. Finally, Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals that work almost for everyone, especially while enhancing your focus on your targets.


Taurus Lucky Crystals

The first stone that comes to mind when you mention Taurus is Jade. Since it’s a neutral stone, Jade balances and stabilizes the up-and-down energy of Taureans. For the times when you need a little push on your courageous side, Carnelian stone is an excellent choice.

jade crystal
Green Jade

Gemini Lucky Crystals

If you feel “too Gemini” some days, Moonstone is the perfect crystal to balance the Gemini duality. Another suitable crystal for Geminis is Agate, which helps you to ease your tension and connect with the earth.


Cancer Lucky Crystals

Moonstone is the gem of Cancer’s ruling planet, and it is a perfect stone to help Cancerians balance their emotions. If you feel like you need to work on self-love, Rose Quartz is the best stone that helps you reducing negative thoughts.


Leo Lucky Crystals

The best stone for the people of the Sun, Leos, is Tiger’s Eye. The crystal enhances the best part of Leos: creativity. Plus, it eases the negative thoughts that are not necessary in the life of a Leo. Another good pick for Leos is Amethyst, which always helps if you want to enhance your spirituality.


Virgo Lucky Crystals

The two crystals for Virgo are Green Jade and Blue Tourmaline. Jade helps Virgos to organize their lives, which leads to emotional and physical wellness. On the other hand, Blue Tourmaline is the best choice if you’re working on your energy flow and chakras.


Libra Lucky Crystals

The lucky gemstone for Libras is Emerald, which helps Libras being their best selves. You should always carry this crystal with you, especially when you’re feeling too emotional. Another favorite crystal for Libra is Apatite, which harmonizes your thoughts and helps you cope with indecisiveness.

emerald crystal astrology

Scorpio Lucky Crystals

Rhodochrosite is the birthstone of Scorpio, and we can say that it is an essential element if you categorize yourself as a “Stressful Scorpio.” The gemstone helps Scorpios cope with their past traumas and gives them a positive attitude while thinking about the future.


Sagittarius Lucky Crystals

We’ve said that Amethyst has a positive effect on almost everyone, and when it comes to Sagittarius, it is actually the best pick. The crystal eases the fast minds of Sagittarians and helps them connect to their inner selves and nature.


Capricorn Lucky Crystals

Although the playful nature of Capricorns is mostly a good thing, it is also one of the biggest problems if you ask them. For the times that it’s difficult to focus on your tasks, you can use Rainbow Obsidian. The gem gives Capricorns a stronger sense of reality, which can take them out of their dream worlds.

Rainbow obsidian scorpio
Rainbow Obsidian

Aquarius Lucky Crystals

You guessed it right; Aquamarine is the lucky stone for Aquarius. The crystal helps Aquarians bring out their best selves and balancing their mental and spiritual energy. If you’re after a stronger energy to ground you, Larimar is also a good choice.


Pisces Lucky Crystals

Pisceans are emotional and spiritual beings and Labradorite is a great crystal choice for Pisces for spiritual protection. But if you’re after chakra cleansing, you should add Amethyst to the mix.


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