The latest coronavirus has changed our lives radically on every level. Just in a couple of days, we’ve left our incredibly fast-pacing life patterns and locked ourselves inside our houses. And if there was one thing that became easier than ever in recent years, it was casual sex. Well, if you’re not stuck at home with a sexual partner, you may have started feeling unwell. But don’t worry; we’re here to give some tips on sex during the times of social distancing.

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Coronavirus is not sexually transmissible, but there are some rules

The new coronavirus, COVID-19, is a respiratory disease and can’t be transmitted with sexual intercourse. But as you know, the nature of sex puts you in a very close position with your partner(s), which is a risky area for COVID-19 transmission. If you manage to keep your “social distance” during sex, go for it. But seriously, be extra careful.

Intimacy during the times of social distancing can be a fun challenge

We know that in the first days, your libido levels can reach ridiculous levels. If you’ve started texting your ex, that may be the quarantine psychology. Put that phone down and try to handle the situation with a new vision. 

First of all, you don’t have to have intercourse to get the feeling you need, and thankfully, there are a handful of new researches that say masturbation can boost your immune system. You can use all this extra isolation time to explore what you like. The possibilities are infinite!

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Online dating has never been better

If we need to put on our optimistic glasses, we can say that we all should be thankful that this outbreak is happening in the digital age, where meeting new people is extremely easy. Plus, you don’t even have to be in the same room. There may be a huge drop in the data traffic of dating apps, but when you think about it, the remaining users are the ones that you actually want to talk to. Who knows; maybe “real online” dating will be even better than the regular one. No more walk of shame? Yes, please.

To help you get the best out of online dating, here are our interpretation of the “online” sexual patterns of each zodiac sign. You’re welcome.

Sexual compatibility and online dating patterns of zodiac signs

Aries: The adventure lovers of the zodiac chart, Aries, follow the same pattern when it comes to intimacy. They want to get into action ASAP, but to get the best out of them, you need to add some spice to the conversation. If you’re a Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini or Aquarius, your chances with an Aries are higher.

Taurus: If you like long conversations, Taureans are your best match. And frankly, in a time like this, all of us need long chats. Just don’t trust them if you’re looking for something serious since they have polyamorous souls. If you are a Virgo, Cancer, Capricorn or Scorpio, you can count on Taureans for pleasure.

Gemini: Another talk-before-action sign, Gemini, likes to know all about your intellectual backlog. If you’re ready to go on an unpredictable adventure, a Gemini is the right choice, especially if you’re a Libra, Aquarius, Leo or Aries.

Cancer: If you meet a Cancerian person online while you’re looking for a new relationship, consider yourself lucky. Get ready for all-night-long phone calls that are deep and emotional AF. But if you’re a fire sign, don’t go there.

Leo: You must’ve known by now that Leos are attention lovers. And the same rules apply in bed, or a virtual bed if you will. Leo’s can be great sexual partners, but you need to praise them every now and then. If you’re an Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius or Libra, swipe ’em right.

Virgo: The critics of the zodiac, Virgos, don’t get into the criticism game when it comes to sex. Instead, they want to take the supporting role. So if you think that you’re the dominant side in a relationship, Virgo is a suitable choice for you, especially if you’re a Cancer, Taurus, Capricorn or Pisces. 

Libra: Libras like everything in their lives top quality and refined, including their partners. If you like to chat about pricey designer items, French cuisine or anything aesthetic, a Libra can be a great companion. If you are a Leo, Gemini, Aquarius or Sagittarius, start the conversation with an aesthetically-curated opening line.

Scorpio: Everybody thinks Scorpios are crazy on the sexual front, but that’s just not true. They’re only passionate lovers. To achieve a good relationship with a Scorpio, you need to communicate openly. There’s no room for shadiness in Scorpio’s life, and you may have heard what happens when you lie to a Scorpio. If you’re a water sign, your chances with a Scorpio is pretty high. But if you’re in the fire group, steer clear.

Sagittarius: Sagittarians are great explorers, and they won’t hold back from exploring you and your body. Sags are one of the most sexually adventurous groups, but expecting something long-term would be too naive. If you want to have some fun and you’re an Aries, Leo, Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, give Sags a chance.

Capricorn: It’s a little challenging to seduce a Capricorn, but once you manage, you’ll see it’s worth it. Capricorns tend to be sapiosexuals, which means you gotta read some encyclopedias before making the first move. And yes, you have to make the first move. And if you’re a fire sign, don’t even go there.

Aquarius: We can’t even imagine an Aquarius and passion in the same picture, but if you’re looking for an intellectual companion that’s going to give you all the unnecessary trivia about almost everything, Aquarius is the best choice. Well, under these circumstances, you can say that they can be great quarantine partners.

Pisces: Pisceans consider the needs of their partners more than themselves, so when you see one, make your move ASAP. But if you can’t promise 100% honesty, don’t ruin this hard period even more. The most compatible signs to Pisces are Scorpio, Cancer, Virgo, and Capricorn.

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