Meet your new BFF that you can ask all about astrology. And the best part is, it knows you! So if you’re bored of getting the same and meaningless horoscope notifications every day, try this one, it’s free! With our personalized daily horoscope app, you can get free daily astrology readings, curated just for you. The accuracy is real. Here at Daily Horoscope, we take astrology seriously. Our team of astrologers and software designers consider everything that goes on in the sky to bring out the best possible daily astrology readings. If you’ve been reading our weekly and monthly horoscope pages, you must’ve seen our love for planets and their relationships with the houses of the zodiac. We’ve poured everything we know about astrology, and when you add the basic details like gender and age, the accuracy skyrockets.

Is it really personalized?

If you’re a true believer in astrology, the answer is yes, our app is as personalized as it gets. By personalized horoscope readings, we mean “all things considered” about astrology: The planets, the houses, your sun and ascendant signs, your gender, and your age. Compared to a Sun sign horoscope, you can say that it is pretty personalized.

How is it so accurate?

The regular horoscope app sends the same horoscope readings to all of its users, and it only considers the Sun signs. While our Sun signs are very important elements that build our personalities, only looking at them while making daily predictions is a big mistake. There are countless variables in our zodiac charts, and that’s what makes astrology fun and reasonable.

To give our users the best horoscope readings possible, we’ve built an app that renders their Sun signs, rising signs, moon signs, genders, and age groups. So in the end, you get the one astrology reading among hundreds that fits you. Well, with all of these crazy features, it may seem like a paid app, but actually, it’s free! Plus, there are other great stuff that the app offers, like free Tarot readings.


Astrology is and has always been one of the most popular topics around the world, and if you want to go a little deeper into the subject, you're in the right place. Whether you're new in reading the complex universe of the zodiac or not, we have all the information you need. Plus, we provide free personalized daily horoscope, free tarot and psychic readings, zodiac compatibility charts. In short, is ready to become your new BFF that you can ask all about mystical stuff.

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