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Weekly Pisces Horoscope

Mercury may be retrograding in your sign, but the only bad it will bring is a little confusion. Other than that, a stunning week is waiting for you. The Sun is entering your sign this week, which means a brand new chapter for you. If you’re a “real” Piscean, you know how your wishes can turn into reality, and this week, your words have extra power. Use it!

Pisces Monthly Horoscope - February 2020

This month, we have a plot twist for the Pisceans. The first half of the month looks like everything’s usual, but the second half will be full of energy, joy, and self-exploration. You will not even feel the negative effects of the Mercury retrograde since you’ll be focusing on yourself and the new paths you may take. And if you’re born in February, happy birthday! It’s going to be a great year.

2020 Pisces Horoscope

If either your Sun sign or rising sign is Pisces, a year full of new friendships and good connections is waiting for you. Jupiter will be in your 11th house throughout the year, which means you’ll shine a little brighter and be the center of attention. Your new connections will be beneficial, especially careerwise. So a jump in your career wouldn’t be unexpected in 2020. To enhance your recognition, we recommend connecting with your inner self, especially after March. You can start journaling or meditating to intensify the good influence on your personality.

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Free Personalized Pisces Horoscope

Life can seem a little too “real” for our spiritual friends, the fish among us, the Pisceans. Pisces zodiac sign is famous for its connection with a higher energy, and for Pisceans, everything has a deeper meaning. Reading a horoscope prediction from a magazine or a newspaper is an undesirable and boring activity for the average Piscean, they need more. Here at Dear Astrology, we are as serious as a Pisces when it comes to the archaic art of Astrology, and after a long project, we finally have a personalized horoscope reading app. Yay!

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