Since it first appeared in China in November, the new Coronavirus has killed more than 7.000 people worldwide. The World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic only a few days ago, and the pace of the disease is, unfortunately, getting faster and faster. But on the bright side, if we all follow our responsibilities and avoid physical contact with other people and isolate ourselves in our homes, it’s going to be a lot easier, especially for the elderly. You can see what you have to do pretty much everywhere—all you need to do is follow the rules.


In this article, we’re going to look at the COVID-19 pandemic from an astrological and mystical perspective. And when we look at the planets, we see some hope. But first, let’s see what Nostradamus had to say about the modern pandemic in the 16th century.

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Since these are very early writings, don’t forget that there are countless speculations and these can be interpreted differently by various points of view. Many of these predictions can be found in Nostradamus’ 1555 book “Les Propheties.”

The most shocking prophecy is undoubtedly the one that tells about a new world war without weapons. Another prophecy from the great physician tells us that the pandemic won’t leave us without taking important amount of lives.


Coronavirus: What does astrology say?

As a planet, we’re under the influence of Capricorn, which, in this extreme-case scenario, can be read as a warning. And if we take this warning for granted, there may be more suffering to come. Thankfully, things are getting better: Even the POTUS has changed his mind about the pandemic declared the situation an emergency after only three days. And if we try and isolate ourselves a little better, we can safely say that it’s all going to be OK, especially after the 22nd.

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On March 21, Saturn is shifting to Aquarius for three months, which may be interpreted in two ways. First, this may be a preview of what’s to come, since Aquarius is all about the air, aka respiration. But many of the astrologers, including us, want to read this as a positive sign. You might have heard that many countries and scientists are just one step away from finding the cure to COVID-19, and March 22 may be the day we’ll see the sunlight again. And until then, we may see some shady shenanigans of the big guys like the world leaders.

Don’t forget that astrology and mystic energy are very much connected to karma, and if we manage to handle these hard times with solidarity, we’ll see a better world in the end.


Take care and stay healthy.

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