She’s been in our lives for a couple of years, but if you wanted to summarize 2019 with a singer/musician, you’d give her name. Yes, we’re talking about the marvelous Billie Eilish. She’s smart, she’s radical, she’s unique, and finally, she’s a Bond singer!


We all know she has a unique style, and last week, she finally spoke up about the so-called “Billie Eilish impersonators.” Well, she’s not OK with people who are trying to transform into her.

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Source: Billie Eilish Instagram

We’re with her on every level, and when we look at her birth chart, it all makes so much more sense: she’s born to be a unique soul! Since Billie’s a millennial, we have the opportunity to know her birth time and place, and in this article, we’re going to explain why you can’t mock Billie Eilish and why she’s not OK with the fakes; of course, according to astrology.


Billie Eilish: An Astrological Investigation

Born on 18 December 2001 in Los Angeles, Billie Eilish is a Sagittarius. Well, it’s one of the most joyful and entertaining zodiac signs, and Billie’s a great example of it. When we look at Billie’s birth chart, we also see Venus in Sagittarius, which amplifies her fun character even more, especially on the creative front.

Sagittarian people love to put on a show. They are natural-born attention gatherers, and they don’t even work for it. Sagittarius people also don’t care for political correctness. What they think, they speak. You can see the two major personality traits in Billie Eilish; she speaks her mind, and that’s what makes her such a brilliant star in the cutest and weirdest ways. If you want to know more about Sagittarius, we have a whole page about the sign of the intellectuals.

Another influencing force in Billie’s natal chart is Mercury, which is in Capricorn. The little planet’s position adds Billie’s character melancholic qualities that we all we love. We also see that Billie’s Moon sign is Aquarius, which helps a lot with her online presence when creating an emotional bond with her fans. When you think about it, it really makes sense, as there is almost not a single person against the rise of this unique person. When you compare Billie Eilish‘s career to other pop stars, you can see the difference; everybody likes her!

billie eilish astrology

If we try to go deeper, there’s so much more to say about Billie’s astrological personality, but that’s just boring for many people. So if we need to summarize the other top qualities that come from the planets, we’d say that her art is her way of worshipping. Billie’s creativity comes from a very spiritual place, which explains a lot about her weird sincerity.

Well, that was all about Billie Eilish’s astrological persona, and we can safely say that she was bound to be an original character. So she has all the right to call out her impersonators and if you think about it, you can see that it comes from her kind heart. She doesn’t want anybody to be hurt, and she knows that nobody can turn into Billie Eilish no matter how much they try.

We always say celebrities are the greatest evidence of the reality of astrology and zodiac signs; planets matter. And if you want to get daily horoscope readings, you can download our personalized horoscope app; it’s free!

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