It’s no secret that people born under the Leo sign are natural born leaders, which makes it the most famous feature of Leo. Considering the Leo symbol is a lion, it makes even more sense. Like the other zodiac sign names, Leo originates in Latin, which translates as lion”, a.k.a. the ruler of the animal kingdom. We don’t know whether the Greeks decided to name the sign as the lion after they saw the people born between July 23 and August 22, but we have another origin story below.

Another influential force on Leo is the ruling planet of the sign, the Sun, which tells a lot about the striking leaders around us. They think the world revolves around them, and they like to shine like the sun. There is much more to say about the connection between the Leo zodiac sign and the symbol representing Leos. We are going to explain all about those on this page, but if you want to dig even deeper into the Leo personality, you can visit our Leo sign page.

Leo symbol meaning

It’s not really necessary to tell about the similarities between lions and Leos as they practically have the same patterns of behavior. As lions are the kings of the jungle, people of Leo are the stars among us. Just watch a documentary to see the resemblance. But, that’s not all there is to it; we’ve got more interesting symbolic meanings for Leo, and the first one lies in the Leo glyph.

The Leo glyph is an arc coming out of a perfect circle. It even looks like a noble cat when you look deep enough. The circle in the center of the Leo glyph stands for the self-perfectionism of Leos, and the tail that comes out of the circle represents their highly-influential auras that affect everyone around them.

leo glyph
leo glyph

Leo symbol origins

Just like the majority of the zodiac signs, Leo also originates in Greek mythology and this time, we have Zeus to thank. The origin story of Leo revolves around the invincible Nemean lion that spreads fear and terror among people of the city. The lion had impenetrable skin and sword-like claws. When Hercules was assigned with the twelve labors, his first challenge was to defeat the Nemean lion. After a long and very tough fight, Hercules learned that he wasn’t going to be able to kill the lion with a sword, so he killed the lion with his bare hands. After the death of the Nemean lion, Zeus placed it in the sky among the stars to honor it.

Other representations of Leo symbol

The Leo sign can be represented by various symbols including a lion, a lion’s head, the Leo glyph, the ruling planet Sun, or the element of Leo, fire. The colors for the Leo sign are orange and golden tones, which are associated with the Sun and fire. We’ve gathered different Leo symbols below to inspire for the perfect Leo tattoo.

leo tattoo ideas
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leo constellation tattoo
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