Adele has been lying in the shadow for a long time, making her fans fall into a loop of her old songs. Well, it was hard for the fans, but her comeback looks harder on herself, as we can see from her latest post celebrating her birthday. Yes, we’re talking about the immense weight loss of Adele here. She must have put a lot of effort into achieving her whole new look for her 32nd birthday, but of course, we love her no matter how she looks. The reason why we say it must’ve been a difficult weight loss journey is her comfort-loving zodiac sign, Taurus. Here, we’re going to have a deep dive on Adele’s birth chart to seek what happened and what’s gonna happen next in her life. To get daily astrological insights, you can download our free personalized horoscope app.

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Adele: An Astrological Investigation

When we look at Adele’s birth chart, we see that her Sun is in Taurus. Taureans are great lovers, but if there’s one thing they love more than a (or a couple) lover, it’s their comfort zone. Taureans love to develop a routine and stick to it. It’s not even like a strict routine that a Virgo follows; rather, it’s their nature. So it’s extremely hard for a Taurus to get out of their comfort zone, especially after 30. We hope that she wasn’t bullied by the absurd beauty standards to begin her weight loss adventure, because if she did, it must’ve been hell since her rising sign is Cancer.

The second influencing force in our lives is our ascendant signs, aka rising signs. And as we mentioned above, Adele’s rising is Cancer, the sign that cannot live without emotions. Well, at least all these emotions turn into modern-age classics that make you cry in the end. When you add her Mercury in Pisces to the mix, you get tears—tons of tears. She has a great combination of Taurus and Cancer. Because according to her birth chart, the great luck of Jupiter is with her.

Last but not least, her Moon is in Sagittarius, but it’s not full-on. It’s on the verge of Capricorn, and her birth chart has many Capricorn qualities. That tells a lot about a Taurus/Cancer mix to be able to get on the stage and even out of her comfort zone! All these are a little complicated, but to make things simple, you can think of her Moon and other dominants as 50% Capricorn, 50% Sagittarius. See, Capricorns never surrender thanks to their fiery nature, and that must’ve helped her a lot during her weight loss quest. 

If we need to say a couple of things about Adele’s future, it all seems perfect, and Jupiter is the main reason behind that! But unfortunately, it may be a little slower for her to make an actual comeback with new, soul-crushing songs due to the retrograde in the giant planet, but we think she’s going to keep on breaking those records with her music in the long run.

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