We are all going through a stable phase in our love lives, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Dating is a hard no for a while, and if you’re wishing that you were locked down in the house with your partner, you can check out the post-quarantine divorce rates in China. Things have already turned into a horror classic for the couples, but we think we can still save the singles. In this article, we’re going to give small tips to each sign to handle this love drought with less damage.



You’re an adventurous soul, but if you’re single during the lockdown, you’re okay with it. But still, if you’re looking for some trouble, online gaming platforms are your go-to spot to find some crazy romance. Just try and hide your crazy side for a couple of days when you meet someone new, then you’ll be alright.


It is not like a Taurus move, but you must be thirsty AF romantically if you began the lockdown without any partner. Since it’s not okay to get intimate with someone new, you need to express your flirtatious side in apps like Bumble, where talking matters more than intimacy. And if one person is not enough, it’s safe to play your cards open from the beginning.


Your close circle might seem enough to give you social pleasure at the beginning, but flirting is your way of showing your intellectual side to others. So, we recommend joining an online book or movie club to get your wonderfully curated words out. Who knows; things may turn into something serious after all.


It must be horrifying for you if you’re quarantining without a partner. Instead of sending a humiliating text to your ex, you can spend this time to meet someone new. We recommend apps like Bumble or OkCupid, but if you want to take it further, there must be an online poetry forum for you to find the one that’ll speak to your emotions.


All this lack of attention must be tiring on your soul if you’re spending this time alone, but we’re sure that somebody is on the verge of making the first move to you. To raise the chance of getting those DMs, you can work on your social media skills; you know what we’re talking about.


If you’ve managed to get over the germ and virus anxiety, you must be feeling your libido levels getting higher and higher. We don’t really know where you can find someone who fits you, but when you can, we’re sure that they’ll get hooked in the first few weeks.


Your heart needs a little nourishment no matter what happens, and a self-quarantine is no exception. If you’re a 10/10 Libra, you don’t need our recommendation on where to find new romance, but still, we’ve got something to say: don’t push it when it comes to the number of “loves” on your list, or you might get lost.


It must be extremely hard for a single Scorpion during the lockdown since you need the physical connection as well as the emotional one. But there’s not much you can do, and you can always find someplace to trigger your passionate side. Our recommendation for Scorpios is to create a mysterious dating profile to get things more exciting.


You should be okay even if you’re lonely during the lockdown, but your existential crisis must be still there. To ease the burden, we recommend you go on an adventure on some top-notch forum site like Reddit where you can get quench your sapiosexual thirst.


This forced quarantine may look like a silent much-needed silent retreat in the beginning, but as we’re leaving our first month behind, things are getting ugly. If you think so, you can step up and send that DM that you’ve been thinking on for a looong time.


If you’re starting to get bored of all the “original” conspiracy theories about the pandemic, it may be the time to step out of your discomfort zone and meet someone new. Our pick for you is, of course, a forum where you can discuss the future of the world in the bleakest way possible.


Although this is a great time for you to complete your journey to your inner-self, you may need some affection after a while. To avoid being the “crazy one,” it’s a good idea to find your new online fling at a Zoom yoga class. Believe us; it’s going to be fun and exciting at the same time!

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