Although it is one of the most differently-illustrated zodiac sign symbols, the Gemini symbol always represents the number “2”, or the duality. As opposed to the majority of the zodiac signs, Gemini is not represented by an animal figure. Instead, we usually see a pair of twins, based on the mythological twins, Castor and Pollux, or simply, the Roman numeral II.

The word “Gemini” means “twins in Latin, which gives the people born during the Gemini season the most controversial characteristic of the zodiac: the double-soul. That is, of course, not the only thing. On this page, we’re going to discover the origin and meaning of the Gemini Symbols.
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Gemini symbol meaning

One thing that just about everyone knows about astrology is the dual nature of the Gemini people. Yes, they’re right, and the symbols representing the Gemini sign also prove it. Another Gemini quality that’s hidden in their symbol is the ability to harbor two souls in a single body. Mind you, we’re not talking about two good friends here; unfortunately, they’re often enemies.

An alternative representation of the Gemini sign is the Gemini glyph, and honestly, it is one of the coolest ones if you ask us. Simply depicted as the Roman numeral II, the Gemini glyph just conveys its message with no effort. On a different note, though, it’s unfair to judge Gemini people based on their dual nature only, as they have many more great features, too.

Gemini constellation
Gemini constellation

Gemini symbol origins

One of the saddest stories of Greek mythology tells us the origins of the Gemini sign. Zeus’s two sons from different goddesses, Castor and Pollux are half brothers. In time, their connection with each other grows so strong that they become known as the Twins. When Castor is killed in a battle, his loving half-brother can’t handle the pain and kills himself to be with him in the afterlife. The unique bond between the brothers impresses Zeus so much that he decides to memorialize them in the stars.

The Gemini constellation is made up of two lines of stars and is believed to be originated by Castor and Pollux’s story in the Greek myths.

Other representations of Gemini symbol

Thanks to the story behind it, the Gemini symbol has a lot of different variations. In some drawings, we see the Greek brothers Castor and Pollux among the stars; in others, there are two people of the opposite sex, and sometimes it’s the Roman numeral two. Below, we’ve gathered some of the most unique Gemini symbol designs for the perfect Gemini tattoo.

Gemini glyph
Gemini glyph
Gemini twins
Gemini twins
gemini tattoo illustration
Source: Andreas Preis

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