2020 is going to be the year of awakening, nice surprises, and changes, according to astrologers. And the first month of this brand new and exciting year is where the revelations begin since there’s going to be an eclipse/full moon on the 10th. Plus, Pluto and Saturn conjunction is going to be a big influence this month. Here’s the monthly horoscope for all 12 sign for January 2020, and if you want to check out our 2020 predictions, click here.


Monthly Horoscope – January 2020


Aries: Starting on 4th, with the influence of Mars in your 9th house, you’ll be more open to new discoveries. These discoveries may be physical, but more importantly, we’re talking about a spiritual exploration or an awakening at the beginning of this month. Also in your 10th house, there’s a big force of change that’s influencing you on so many levels. This month, you may finally make up your mind about your career, your lifestyle, or even your beliefs, and begin a new chapter in your life.


Taurus: Thanks to the rare conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, Taureans will start the new decade with extra luck. There is a huge force in your 9th house, and this month, the best way to use that power is to progress. Mars is entering your 8th house, so at the beginning of January, you should think about your finances, as you may find a revelation about how to make money flow better.



Gemini: Mars is coming into your relationship house on the 4th, bringing extra power into your romantic aura. So if you like someone, this month is the perfect time to take action. Take the first step; it’s all gonna be alright. The good news for Gemini doesn’t end there. 2020 may be the first year that you accomplish all of your new year resolutions. You only need to push a little bit harder. Think of what you’ll get in the end!



Cancer: We’ve got an eclipse in your sign this month, so yes, a big power shift is coming towards you. After the first week of this month, you should start to determine your priorities. Just seeing what’s important for you will make a huge impact on your life, because it’s going to be so much easier this month for you to devote to your needs. After the 10th, you may get a revelation about your relationships with your close circle. This is the best time to be an open book with your loved ones.



Leo: After the 4th of the month, Mars enters your 5th house, so it’s a great time to work on your creativity and release your inner child. If you’ve been developing a project or planning to go self-employed, this is your time to press that lunch button. In the second half of the month, you can expect to meet somebody new that you want to call “the one.” So don’t forget to go out if you’re after a romantic affair.



Virgo: We all know you love making lists, and this month is the best time to make a list of priorities and work for them. Since the long-awaited conjunction of Saturn and Pluto is finally happening, there is going to be big energy on your side. If you’ve been planning to start your own business, you should really start putting more effort into that area, because this year, luck is with you.


Libra: Beginning on the 4th of January, Mars will be in your 4th house, which means it’s time to learn new things. If you’ve been thinking about gaining a new skill, your mind is going to be more open thought this month. January is also going to be a good time to resolve some of the issues with your family or close circle, so try and be more open about your feelings.



Scorpio: Thanks to Mars entering your second house, you will have extra luck with your finances. If you’ve been trying to save up, it’s a good time to start. Be confident in yourself, and turn your confidence into money. You don’t have to stick to your career, there are so much more you can do on the side; you just need some self-exploration. We recommend you to stop procrastinating and step up for all the Scorpios out there.



Sagittarius: 2020 is going to be a turbo-charged year for almost everyone, but Sagittarius is a little luckier than the rest. To use this extra luck and power, we recommend Sagittarians to set up some bold goals and stick to the plan. Believe us, it’s going to be so much easier than you think. January is also going to be a good month to resolve your financial problems, so if you have some issues with money, put them on your list of goals first.



Capricorn: With Mars entering your 12th house, it is going to be extra easy for you to connect with your inner self. If you’re a real Capricorn, you must love being alone, and these are the perfect days to spend more time with yourself. Also, happy birthday if you’re born in January; it’s going to be a wonderful year. Just make up your mind about what you really want.



Aquarius: It’s been a lonely couple of months for Aquarians, but those days are finally over. Starting the 4th of this month, Mars is entering your 11th house, making unclogging your social energy. It’s a great time to go out and make some new friends; you may even make a new close circle. January is also going to be a good month for Aquarians to think about their careers. You can apply for new jobs if you’ve been dissatisfied with your career in January.



Pisces: Thanks to Mars entering your 10th house, you can expect a jump in your career in January. All you need to do is push a little harder, take action, and you’ll be rewarded. On the love front, we’ve also got good news for Pisceans. With the influence of the eclipse on the 10th, there’s going to be extra energy in your romantic aura.

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