Starting this month, we are entering a period full of ups and downs thanks to Venus, the planet of love and finances, going into retrograde. If you’re not ready to open the ex-files, we have some recommendations for you in this month’s horoscope. In the middle of the month, Saturn and Jupiter also begin their retrograde, which means it’s a great time to process things slowly and one by one. Here’s how the celestial bodies will be effecting your mood throughout the month. If you want to get personalized daily horoscope notifications for free, here’s our app—it’s free!

Monthly Horoscope – April 2020


Aries: The month begins with a full moon in your eighth house on the 7th, which may lead to an emotional redemption for you. If you’ve been having a stressful time, your mind will finally be clearer. And in the second half of the month, there’s a good opportunity for you to be expressive. If you want to go into a new direction in your career, it’s a good idea to set up a job interview after the 13th.


TaurusWith the full moon on the 7th, you may feel like it’s time for your relationships to get into a more solid-state. If you have feelings for more than one person, maybe it’s time to make up your mind. But the big news for you is Venus, your ruler, going into retrograde on the 13th, which may bring some trouble in your love life. But if you manage to shift your focus onto your skills, it can also be a great opportunity to master your abilities.



Gemini: You may feel like everything in your life has gone out of control and you have no say in anything. In times like these when major planets retrograde, this is extremely natural, and you have to go with the flow instead of trying to take control. You should know that every troubled time has an ending, and see this as an opportunity to build yourself a calmer mindset. But the good news is, you may get some romantic action after the 13th when Venus retrogrades till 25 June, which will help you a lot with being aware of your self-worth.



Cancer: If you’re an artist, writer, or musician, we’ve got great news for you. On the seventh, there’s going to be a full moon in your creativity zone, which means you’ll get great ideas after a long time. And if you’re going through a dry spell romantically, this is also great news. In the second half of the month, things are getting a little weird for everyone, and you can spend this chaotic time to learn new lessons about relationships by hearing what people say without any judgments.



Leo: The month begins with a full moon in your surrounding area, which may bring you some great ideas on how to spend this lockdown better. It is a great time to bond with your house and make little changes. Then, we have Venus going into the retro mode, making life a little more uncomfortable for everyone. The retro may slow down your projects, but just remember that you’re not falling behind; everybody’s going through the same stuff. In the end, you’re still the king!


Virgo: The Venus retrograde will cause trouble for many, but for you Virgos, this may be a great opportunity for emotional relief if you play your cards right. We recommend all the Virgos to calm down and work on their emotional burdens, especially after the 13th. In the end, you will find out what parts of your life you want to change, and that’s always a noble thing to plan for you!


Libra: You may be feeling anxious about your financial state even when there’s not much to worry about. Yes, we’re going through hard times economically, but that’s not only you, but the whole world is also living the same stuff. Thankfully, you’ve got the potential to turn things around even in the worst-case scenario. After the 13th, you’ll be more open to learning new stuff, so joining an online class to get a new skill, language, or hobby is a great idea!



Scorpio: The events of the month begin with a full moon in your sign on the seventh. The full moon is a great opportunity for you to sit back and see what you’ve done so far and what you want to do next. It’s also a great time to make up your mind about your relationships before Venus gets into the picture on the 13th. And after the 13th, shifting your focus onto your finances is a good idea.



Sagittarius: You may spend too much time thinking about your relationships and you may want to decide your next move. Committing to someone may start looking like a good idea all of a sudden, or you may want to leave everything behind and start fresh. All of these complex feelings are natural effects of the Venus retrograde, and it will all be over on June 25. But still, if you want to take a bold step, wait till the new moon on the 22nd.



Capricorn: All this social distancing stuff makes you miss your friends and loved ones, and this may make you extra fragile, especially on the 7th. A close friend’s words may hurt your feelings, which may make you react like in a way you wouldn’t under normal circumstances. Try to stay calm, because there’s more drama coming on the 13th, but it’s kind of drama that you’ll enjoy. You may get a text from your ex, and if you want some fun, you can use this opportunity to reconnect. After the 22nd, this will become normal again, so if you become tired of all the drama, it’s good to know that it has a deadline.



Aquarius: There’s going to be a full moon at the top of your chart, which always means great things. Especially if you’ve been waiting for a promotion or some good news about your career, you may hear great stuff on the 7th. If you think your love life was too stable, get ready for some messy action after the 13th when Venus goes into the retrograde mode. You may see an ex crying on your doorstep, and if that happens, know that it’s only the beginning of the mess!


Pisces: You may have an unstable libido at the beginning of the month, but after the 13th, it’s gonna get fiery! You will probably want to get back in the game, but try and keep your social distance until it’s safe for everybody. In the meantime, you can get some tips from our sex & love in quarantine article. On the other hand, you may feel troubled about your financial status, but it’s all in your mind if you’re being responsible. If the stress is hard to handle, make a list of your incomes and spendings to get a clearer picture and take measures accordingly; it’s going to calm your nerves.


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