It’s no secret that Scorpio is one of the most dreaded signs of the zodiac. We can count many reasons why to fear a Scorpio, but the main reason behind this may be the Scorpio symbol: the scorpion. It goes without saying that it’s a scary figure, and Scorpios can be quite frightening if you don’t play the game by the rules. After all, we’re talking about poisonous creatures here.

On this page, we’re going to look into the connection between the Scorpio sign and the symbol representing it. If you want to learn more about Scorpio sign and how to act around a Scorpio, you can visit our Scorpio sign page.

Scorpio symbol meaning

The most prominent part of the Scorpio symbol is the stinger, which stands for Scorpios’ passionate disposition. When people born under the Scorpio sign feel connected to somebody, there’s no safe way out. You either surrender to their love or get stung. Another quality that is represented by the scorpion symbol is their sexual nature, which needs no mentioning as sexuality is one of the most famous features of the Scorpio sign.

The other Scorpio symbol is the Scorpio glyph, which resembles the shape of a scorpion. The Scorpio glyph looks very much alike the Virgo glyph, but here, you feel the sense of danger with the outward-pointing tail of the “M.”

scorpio glyph
Scorpio glyph

Scorpio symbol origins

Like the majority of the zodiac signs, Scorpio’s origin dates back to Greek mythology. The myth tells the story of Orion and his unfortunate encounter with Artemis, the goddess of hunt and forest. Following a misunderstood invitation from Artemis, Orion tries to have a non-consensual intercourse with her, which leads the gods to punish him with the sting of a scorpion. Like in many astrological stories, they decide to honor the scorpion for its duties and place it in the sky.

Other representations of the Scorpio symbol

We see the same Scorpio symbol in almost every culture. Well, it’s a cool figure, so nobody has needed to change it. Even the Scorpio glyph is one of the best-looking glyphs of the twelve. But of course, there are also many unique illustrations to symbolize Scorpio. We’ve added some of the greatest Scorpio symbols for the coolest Scorpio tattoo ideas.

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