This week is an interesting one since not much is happening astrologically. Mars and Venus changed positions recently, and that influence will be going on this week. The major event of this week is Mercury’s station before retrograding, and yes, you can call it the calm before the storm.


Weekly Horoscope February 10 – February 16, 2020


aries sign symbol


Aries: Venus is still in your sign, so the vigorous mood you’ve been having is still there. This week, there’s going to be female energy around you, so it’s a great time to connect with your female friends and learn from them, especially if you’re an Aries woman.


Taurus sign symbol


Taurus: You have two opposite influencers, pushing you in two extreme directions this week. Yes, we’re talking about Venus and Mars. But all this extra force on you is actually very positive. First, there’s love in the air, and thanks to Mars, you’ll have the willpower to carry that weight. Yay!


Gemini sign symbol


Gemini: It’s been a relatively confident week for Geminis, and if that power hasn’t hit you already, this week is the one that you’ll shine, or keep on shining. This week is also a good time to meet new people since Venus is in your adventurous zone. This is the last week before the Mercury retrograde, so taking advantage of your extra energy is a great idea before going into silent mode.


Cancer sign symbol


Cancer: The opportunities for your career and success keep on coming this week. You may be having a stressful time on the money front, but these are the days to believe in yourself and show your work to the world. Take all of the chances you get. It can be a little tiring, but in the end, the euphoria will be worth it!


Leo sign symbol


Leo: We’ve just left the full moon in Leo, and if you’re done with your thinking, you’ll start this week with an extra wisdom end energy for you. The possibility of unexpected romance is still there this week, and if you’ve been feeling weirdly high on the romance front, that’s all thanks to Venus. Enjoy!



Virgo sign symbol


Virgo: If we needed to sum this week with one word for Virgos, we’d say “libido.” You’re having a great elation about both on your romantic and creative sides. You’re more expressive than ever, and if you’re not, put on your smiling mask and get moving; it’ll come. 


Libra sign symbol


Libra: These are one of the best periods of the year for Libras, and it looks like even the Mercury retrograde won’t be able to ruin it. You’re optimistic, passionate, and positive. Yes, you’re very loving, and to make even better use of the energy of Venus, nurturing and connecting with yourself is a great idea.



Sagittarius sign symbol


Sagittarius: If you feel like luck is with you for a couple of weeks, it’s all good news for you, because Venus is still on your side, giving you extra luck. If you want to meet new people and expand your social life, go out since you’re going to be the center of attention before the Mercury retrograde.


Scorpio sign symbol


Scorpio: You’ve been seeking for a push that’ll help you transform your life. This week, you have that energy, try to feel it, and you’ll find the power to leave behind all the bad habits and routines. These are one of those times to build new habits, and trying won’t hurt anyone. Plan your week and start the new chapter of your life!



Aquarius sign symbol


Aquarius: This week, Mars will turn you into a spy. Yes, it’s time to see shady people and their shenanigans. You may also feel a little nostalgic, and that’s a good thing during this period of setting new boundaries and taking lessons from your past relationships. “Safety” is your safe word, and these months are just the beginning of your best times.

Capricorn sign symbol


Capricorn: Mars is still in your sign, making you extra dedicated and ambitious. If you’ve started to feel a little tired from thinking about your work and the materialistic side of your life, giving yourself some time off may be a good idea. You know, Mars represents male energy, and to ease it a little, you can turn your face to Venus, which will give you great ideas on your environment this week.



Pisces sign symbol


Pisces: Your mind might have been busy, leaving you no “me time” for a couple of weeks, and we can safely say that this is the last week. Complete what you need to do, and starting this weekend, you’ll get the much-missed sense of freedom back.

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