Although it is shown as some kind of enemy that’s going to end the human race in sci-fi books and movies, artificial intelligence has become an essential part of our everyday lives a long time ago. Imagine a world without our smartphones; it would suck!

Scientists and modern historians are certain that artificial intelligence is the future. We’re no historian, but we want to take things a little further by saying that AI is the future of predicting our future. We have proof!

If you haven’t heard about it before, we have an AI-based personalized horoscope and Tarot app. And as you’d expect, AI is the key ingredient in making it extremely accurate and personalized. You know, astrology and tarot have many variables that a dumb robot couldn’t have managed to consider. You can read the principles of our personalized horoscope app here. It’s safe to use, and it’s free!

ai psychic app

Astrology and horoscope have lots of variables, but when it comes to Tarot, things are a little easier, but if you have even the slightest interest in the topic, you must be aware of the most crucial part of Tarot telling: the human factor. And that’s why you want to go to a professional and see them face to face.

Thanks to AI, we’re extremely close to face to face connection. Like Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa, our app is always improving themselves based on our users’ individual personalities.


How does AI take part in tarot and horoscope apps?

Every app may have a different approach in integrating AI in their software, and frankly, most of them don’t even go there. Here, we’re going to tell our unique story of success.

About 8 years ago, we started our app with real psychics, and as time went by, our hundreds of psychics couldn’t manage to service our thousands of users. So we decided to give artificial intelligence a try. We matched the age, gender, and location data with our previous readings, and in the end, we managed to build a code that gives our users what fits them the most: an extremely personalized reading.

Of course, we didn’t give up working with real psychics and astrologers, and there are two reasons for that. First, to make our readings even more perfect, we’re keeping on giving real readings, which also feeds our AI. And second, we’ve built an app called Binnaz with real psychics for the ones who want to have live sessions with actual people. You can give both of our apps a try to get your mind blown and see the accuracy for yourself.



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