If you’re on this page, you must have decided to step into the twisted front of astrology that weirdly makes sense. The planets, elements, and houses are the main ingredients of horoscope reading that the majority of people have no idea about. In this article, we’re going to get into the first step: The astrological houses.

There are 12 astrological houses, each influenced by another zodiac sign. Although it may seem a little difficult to handle all of the rules of astrology from at the beginning, you’ll see that it all makes sense after a while. Of course, it is impossible to tell every little detail of the astrological houses in an article—there are books on the subject. But still, we think that learning the basics will help a lot. Here, we’re going to explain the basics of the astrological houses. But don’t forget to check out our articles on planets and elements since they are all parts of the puzzle.

When you look at your birth chart, what you see below the horizon line are the first six houses and they represent the basics of your personality. You may think of the astrological house chart as a clock and the first house as 9 of the clock and the second house as 8.

zodiac houses
The zodiac houses chart Source: tinyenchantments.com

What do houses stand for in Astrology?


First House

Also known as the ascendant house, the first house is represented by Aries, and it is all about your inner self or your ego if you will. So, if your rising sign is Leo, you hold most of the physical and personal characteristics of the Leo sign. And the planets in your first house will influence your personality.

Second House

Represented by Taurus, the second house influences your material side like money and self-esteem. So, the planets in your second house will likely affect your state of wealth; how you control your budget, what you do with money, how money is going to affect your state of mind, etc.

Third House

Represented by Gemini, the third house is all about your communicative side. You can guess how expressive you’ll be or how your interpersonal relationships look like by checking the planet in your third house. Don’t forget that the first six houses are all about your point of view and have nothing to do with other people.

Fourth House

Represented by Cancer, the fourth house influences your house and family. Your relationships with your family and the house you’re living in are affected by the planet that enters your house. It can even mean that you’re going to renovate your home or move out according to the planets in your 4th house.

Fifth House

Represented by Leo, your fifth house can be interpreted by many things like your inner child, creativity, and romance. So, if a planet like Jupiter enters your fifth house, it may mean that you’re going to have the time of your life.

Sixth House

Represented by Virgo, the sixth house influences your relationship with your work and your state of health. Don’t forget that the first six houses affect your personal matters, it’s all about your attitude towards the concepts of the houses.

Seventh House

Represented by Libra, the seventh house symbolizes your relationships with others. As it’s the first house over the horizon, it impacts others’ attitudes towards you instead of your personal state of mind.

Eighth House

Like the second house, the eight house, a.k.a. the house of Scorpio influences material matters, but in this case, we’re not talking about your point of view. Think of the eighth house as the interpersonal opposite of the second house. The eighth house also affects others’ attitudes towards you when it comes to intimacy and sexual affairs.

Ninth House

Represented by Sagittarius, the ninth house stands for freedom. And when a positive planet like Jupiter enters your 9th house, it may mean that you’ll travel a lot, or even find the meaning of your existence.

Tenth House

Also known as The House of Capricorn, the tenth house represents your status, or your title if you will. The planets entering in your tenth house affect your career and status. So, if a lucky planet is to come into your 10th house, it means that you may achieve your goals in the near future.

Eleventh House

Represented by Aquarius, the eleventh house influences your close circle like your friends and colleagues. Since Aquarius has humanitarian qualities, the planets entering your eleventh house may bring out the helpful side of you.

Twelfth House

Also known as the Piscean House, the 12th house symbolizes your subconscious. Since it is associated with Pisces, the planets entering your 12th house may affect your psychic and secretive side. You may read the last house like your last chakra or your higher spirituality.

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