Every zodiac sign has a story that dates back to thousands of years ago, but Capricorn has a unique place among the other eleven. The Capricorn sign has more than one story that tells about its origin, and a similar trend can be seen with the Capricorn symbol.

You’ve probably seen Capricorn represented by the Goat, as it’s the most common depiction of the sign. But in some cultures, the symbol of Capricorn is depicted as a goat with the tail of a fish or a crocodile. Here, we’re going to explain the origins of the Capricorn zodiac sign and the link between the sign and its symbols. If you want to master the traits of the sign, you can visit our Capricorn sign page.

Capricorn symbol meaning

Whether it’s depicted as a goat, a crocodile, or a mythological goat/fish, there’s always a sense of menace in the Capricorn symbol. It’s a quite well-known fact that masculine sides of Capricorn people predominate over their feminine qualities. That being the case, the horns in the Capricorn symbol represent this masculine force. Like the Aries symbol, the horned look of the Capricorn symbol also represents ambitiousness.

Capricorn symbol origins

It is hard to tell what is the origin myth of the Capricorn sign since there are many different stories on how it started. In Babylonian culture, the goat represented Ea, a sea-goat that came on the earth during the daytime. Another story about Capricorn is a more popular one. In Greek mythology, the goat represents Pan, a half-human, halfgoat semi-god, who supported Zeus during his fight with Typhon.

Other representations of Capricorn

If you want options, you’re in the right place! There are countless depictions of the Capricorn sign, and the same thing applies to the Capricorn glyph. Unlike the other zodiac signs, Capricorn has more than two glyphs that can be seen in different cultures. You can see various depictions of the Capricorn symbol and glyph below, and if it’s a good day, you may even find your next Capricorn symbol tattoo down there.

Capricorn glyphs
capricorn tattoo
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capricorn tattoo ideas
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