Skeleton of a man with head on laptop in his office. This dedicated employee has worked himself to death!

It’s not always easy to establish a healthy communication with our managers or boss. We are doing our best to be successful at work and most of the time, working nights and days to achieve this goal. But there is always a hesitation and overthinking while planning next steps for our future, expecting a promotion or asking for a raise; what my manager appreciates and what are his/her red lines?

Knowing the personality and the way of work of our manager would be a useful advice for those seeking a clear path on a dusty road. Evaluating and knowing zodiacs of our co-workers or managers could also be an effective guide to have a better understanding of them. Right at this point, let’s concentrate on those whose manager is a Virgo.

There is this stereotype that all the offices in the universe has at least one of them in it. Well, sorry but you got the short stick on that, Virgo; a workaholic zodiac. His/her job is so important that he/she could ignore his/her family and loved ones quite often. Working under the management of an overdosed perfectionist is the last but not least handicap. 

Enough with pessimism and drowning in the misery now. This is business! They are not a rock at the end, they also have some sweet spots. In fact, they also know that pushing more than they should put them in the target of others sometimes. Let’s talk about those sweet spots and how to tickle them properly.

First of all; if you are a Taurus, Cancer or Capricorn you are inside the lucky circle. It’s a bit tougher for Gemini, Libra and Aries which are facing difficulties while connecting with Virgo. But like we said, don’t give up that easy!

If you want to work with a Virgo, you have to accept him/her as he/she is. After your generosity about the time and energy you have spent, you might feel a little exhausted while trying to supply occasional high demands of Virgo. But they will be the ones to comfort you with their calm nature during a crisis.

Intelligence of a Virgo is the first thing comes to mind while talking about being a manager. Although Virgo will be the one to tell you how to do things, his/her flexibility will change depending on your intelligence and how your potential used properly. Only the more analytic one than a Virgo, is another Virgo.

Virgo’s detail oriented and meticulous personality will make you go through the work that you put hours on it over and over again while hearing your faults from a Virgo without any hesitation. Put effort on not doing any mistake! But keep in mind that the most appreciated jobs and works have most probably a Virgo behind them. You will have a lot to learn from them. Going back to being meticulous, I would check my desk twice to make sure its organized.

It is almost impossible to estimate a Virgo’s feelings at the first sight. Although they seem like not open to sharing, they have quite cheerful and witty characters. You can observe this most easily at the organizations out of the office. But be careful! What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

Briefly, if you want to get along with a Virgo manager, come up with a solution not a problem. Give attention to what Virgo is saying and fulfill your responsibilities on time. 

Now your turn!

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