We’ve just entered a new year, and according to the planets and constellations, 2020 is going to be a great year for all twelve signs. Don’t forget to check out our 2020 predictions here before your weekly horoscope, because it’s all connected. As for the first week of 2020, major events are going on in the sky like the Lunar Eclipse in Cancer and Capricorn and Saturn’s conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn. Let’s see how the shifts in the sky will affect your zodiac sign between Jan 6 and Jan 12.

Weekly Horoscope January 6 – January 12, 2020


aries sign symbol


Aries: You’ve been in need for a change in your life for a long time, and this week is the right time to finally think things through for the last time and take action. Jupiter is in your home and family house, and the actions you take this week will result in a very positive way.


Taurus sign symbol


Taurus: Thanks to the full moon and eclipse on Friday, it is highly possible that you’ll have one of the deepest revelations of the year. The awakening you have may open new doors in your life, and you may take on new adventures.


Gemini sign symbol


Gemini: You can turn the year 2020 around by facing your fears and insecurities starting this week. We know, it may be difficult to handle, but the result is worth the pain, especially on the financial front. So release those fears and embrace your power. You can do it, the Moon and Jupiter are on your side.


Cancer sign symbol


Cancer: Since the Moon is your ruler, this is a big week for you; because you know, the eclipse and the full moon. The 10th is the perfect time for self-discovery. We recommend a full moon meditation for all the Cancerians and people with Cancer rising sign for the best outcomes. It may be life-changing in the most positive way.


Leo sign symbol


Leo: This week is full of new possibilities and chances for Leos. All you need to do is to get out of your comfort zone, or your bed if you will, and chase those new and exciting possibilities. Since the Moon will be in your 12th house during the eclipse, a relaxing meditation could help a lot for your spiritual side on the 10th.


Virgo sign symbol


Virgo: The stakes are very high that Virgos will find happiness this year, and this week is the beginning of the new life of Virgos. Beginning at the 10th, great revelations are awaiting Virgos, especially on the creative side.


Libra sign symbol


Libra: This is the week that you Librans will finally solve the problems with their families and close circles. You must’ve been aware of the blockages in your life mainly originating in your family, and this week, it’s time for some revelations about your close friends and family and asking yourself “What’s best for me?”



Sagittarius sign symbol


Sagittarius: After a relatively good year full of building the foundations of your dream life, this week, you’re going to get the final revelation that you need to take the next step. Especially if you’re going through an insecure phase, it’s safe to say that anxiety-free days are just around the corner starting this weekend.


Scorpio sign symbol


Scorpio: Saturn and Pluto conjunction is in your communication house, and since Pluto is your ruling planet, it’s double trouble. But it’s in your hands to turn things around. Try communicating with yourself before being expressive, and you’ll find out that whatever you say to yourself, others will tell you the same. You’re in control of your communications, and this week is one of the powerful ones to take control.

Aquarius sign symbol


Aquarius: This week, it’s time for secrets to come out; both on your side and others. If you’ve been going shady, try and come clean, and you’ll get a huge awakening. On the spiritual front, we can say that the force is going to be strong with Aquarians throughout the week, and you can even enhance it by meditating and connecting with your inner self.

Capricorn sign symbol


Capricorn: It is the changing point for Capricorns that are ready for a change. Especially on the relationship front, you can expect some shifts. If you’ve been having problems with your partner and wondering why; this week is the time to wake up and resolve things.

Pisces sign symbol


Pisces: It’s a great time to get out of your comfort zone and meet new and inspiring people for Pisceans. The Saturn and Pluto conjunction will make it easier for you to find new people that are going to make your heart beat a little faster.

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